10 Best Muay Thai Shin Guards

Muay Thai shin guards protect fighters during intense sparring sessions.

The best Muay Thai shin guards are lightweight, secure, allow for fluid movement, and provide superior shin protection during the most intense sparring sessions.

The size and fit of your shin guards can make or break your sparring sessions, so it’s of utmost importance to get it right.

Searching for the perfect shinguards can be overwhelming. There are many brands, styles, and fits to choose from.

We have compiled a list of our top-rated Muay Thai shin guards to help you determine which brand might be best suited for your needs. But before we do that, let’s take a look at how to choose your shin guards.


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How To Choose Muay Thai Shin Guards?

When deciding on your next pair of Muay Thai shin guards, there are some factors you must consider. Whilst it comes down to personal choice, there are some common questions when it comes to shin guards.


The main aim of Muay Thai shin guards is to protect you and your partners, during training and sparring.

The thicker the padding, the better the protection. Shin guards should offer enough padding that it doesn’t hurt checking kicks, but at the same time you should still be able to feel it.

You should ensure the shin guard wraps around your leg and covers your feet, so it protects you whilst kicking.

Mobility / Size​

Most Muay Thai manufacturers offer sizes ranging from S – XL.

Whilst you need enough padding to protect yourself and your training partners, it shouldn’t affect your movement.

If shin guards are too big or fit loosely, you will need to adjust them during sparring. This can lead to injuries to both yourself and your sparring partners.

A good pair of Muay Thai shin guards should feel comfortable and fit close to the shin.

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Real Leather Vs Synthetic Leather

When it comes to Muay Thai shin guards, you have two choices. Leather or synthetic leather.

Similar to other Muay Thai equipment, real leather is the best choice. Traditionally real leather lasts longer than synthetic materials and offers better protection.

In recent years the quality of synthetic leather has improved significantly.

If you are unable to buy leather of personal reasons, then artificial leather will do the trick.

Thai Style VS MMA Style

In martial arts gyms you will see two types of design, Thai style shin guards or MMA style.

MMA shin guards are referred to as shin insteps. This is because they are designed like socks, so a fighter has to step into them. They offer more mobility for wrestling and grappling but less protection than Thai style shin guards.

Muay Thai shin guards offer more protection but less mobility. They are designed with a hook & loop system and don’t work well for grappling.

Fighters who are looking to take their Muay Thai seriously should choose a pair of good quality Thai style shin guards.


Who doesn’t like to look good?

As with all Muay Thai equipment, there are various designs and styles to choose from. Some fighters prefer a simple design whilst others opt for a more graphic design. Again, it comes down to personal preference.

Twins Shin Guards

Twins was founded in 1992 in Thailand and today leads the world in Thai boxing gear.

Their Muay Thai gloves and shorts are the official gear of Thailand’s national stadium, Lumpini Stadium.

Twins uses advanced technology and modern facilities to manufacture high quality, affordable fighting equipment that beginners to world-class champions enjoy.

Features of the Twins Shin Guards

  • Made of 100% leather
  • Designed with a double velcro closure on the back
  • Step-in foot protection from an elastic strap that goes under the feet.
  • Designed to be both visually stunning and high-performing


Twins is known for its exceptional functionality and design. The shin guards are made from premium 100% leather and high-density foam padding that not only looks good but feels even better.

The shin guards come in an assorted array of bright colors, including blue, green, pink, and yellow. For a more classic look, they also offer white and black shin guards.

What We Like About Twins Shin Guards

We love that Twins shin guards stay put while sparring. Your kicks will look and feel great with these shin guards as the mould around the shin.

Twins shin guards offer maximum protection, so we don’t worry about injuries when sparring.

RDX Shin Guards

Founded in 1999 in Britain, RDX Sports has grown over the years, providing durable, superior products to fighters of all experience levels.

RDX is an incomparable brand that delivers ultimate combat equipment for Muay Thai, kickboxing, and MMA.

Features of the RDX Shin Guards

  • Made from authentic cowhide leather
  • Long-lasting, durable construction with reinforced stitching
  • Ultimate protection from a tri-layered, shock-absorbent gel-based padding
  • Double hook and loop straps and wide & elasticated instep straps


Beautiful cowhide leather and strategically placed straps make the RDX shin guards stand out. The shin guards come in one colorway that is black, white, and red.

What We Like About RDX Shin Guards

RDX shin guards are some of the best Muay Thai shin guards for a lot of reasons.

They provide excellent coverage – padding absorbs hard shots. When you strike, you know your shin guard isn’t going anywhere with RDX.

The quality and design of this shin guard get us excited about our next trip to the gym. We are ready for the most intense sparring when we put on a pair of RDX shin guards.

Venum Muay Thai Elite Shin Guards

Born in 2005 in Paris France, Venum is the creation of Franck Dupuis and partner Jean-François Bandet.

Venum partners with top Nakmuay and kickboxing fighters to develop high quality, high performing products. The Venum team is made up of fighters, including Sitthichai, Allozov, and Petrosyan, to name a few.

Features of the Venum Shin Guards

  • Handmade in Thailand
  • 100% Skintex leather construction
  • High-density foam padding
  • Pro-anatomical reinforce on shinbone and instep
  • Two large velcro straps and wide elastic bands under the heel


Venum Muay Thai Elite Shin Guards have a distinct look with their two wide straps and Venum logo running down each shin guard’s front.

You can choose from an extensive selection of multi-colored shin guards from Venum’s elite line, including black and gold or khaki/camo.

What We Like About Venum Muay Thai Elite Shin Guards

We love that Venum Muay Thai Elite Shin Guards are made of skintex leather and come with high-density foam padding – they look amazing, are durable, comfortable, and are affordable.

When we are sparring, we know that foam layers are providing the ultimate protection for our shins.

While thicker than other brands, Venum Muay Thai Shin Guards are light and fit exquisitely. We can move, kick, and spar to our heart’s content in these bad boys. Venum is one of the best Muay Thai shin guards on the market today.

Top King Muay Thai Shin Guards

Founded in 2008, Top King is committed to producing a wide variety of Muay Thai, MMA, and Kickboxing equipment.

Top King is known for its durable Muay Thai, kickboxing, and MMA fighting gear. The company excels at excellent customer service and is incredibly passionate about what they do.

Features of the Yokkao Shin Guards

  • Handcrafted in Thailand
  • Made of premium leather
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Complete protection with a raised shin and foot ridge
  • Hook and loop closure provides a secure fit.


These Top King Muay Thai shin guards have a classic look. They are made of premium leather and come in black with a white logo.

What We Like About Top King Muay Thai Shin Guards

Top King Muay Thai Shin Guards are one of our favourite Muay Thai shin guards because of their attention to detail. A raised shin and foot ridge, along with a hook and loop closure, gives us extra security.

These shin guards provide maximum protection, which we want for our shins when kicking continually and aggressively.

They are built for ultimate punishment in the tough world of Muay Thai.

Yokkao Shin Guards

Philip Villa and Doungjaj Tananan founded Bangkok-based YOKKAO in 2010. The company handmakes quality, Muay Thai equipment.

Yokkao established its YOKKAO Fight Team in 2011. The company sponsors fighters across the globe.

Features of the Yokkao Shin Guards

  • Handmade in Thailand
  • Highly durable construction, including three layers of high-impact foam
  • Made from high-quality premium cowhide leather
  • Closure straps that are stress-resistant
  • Lightweight, comfortable design
  • Non-slip interior for increased stability


Yokkao means business when it comes to style, staying on top of trends and seasonal colours. Their shin guards, made of premium cowhide leather, come in gorgeous colours and are named just as beautifully – there’s Evening Blue, Eden, and Matrix Island.

What We Like About The Yokkao Muay Thai Shin Guards

We love that YOKKAO Shin Guards are made of quality materials and are designed to provide top-notch protection.

The best Muay Thai shin guards stay in place during sparring. YOKKAO’s shin guards do just that. We can train harder and longer with YOKKAO shin guards.

Fairtex Muay Thai Shin Guards

Founded in Bangkok, Thailand, in 1958, Fairtex manufactures and ships Muay Thai and mixed martial arts (MMA) equipment and clothing worldwide. With distributors located in over 50 countries, Fairtex is known internationally as a quality Muay Thai and MMA brand.

Features of the Fairtex Shin Guards

  • The shinguards are handmade in Thailand with quality materials
  • Proven to be durable and long-lasting
  • Made to wrap partially around your upper calves
  • Protects your feet and knees


Fairtex Muay Thai shin guards have a synthetic leather coating and come in various colours, with neutral options such as black or white, or if you are feeling more colourful, they also come in red, blue, or yellow.

What We Like About Fairtex Muay Thai Shinguards

We love that Fairtex Muay Thai shin guards are lightweight and made of quality materials. They come with sturdy straps and protect not only your shin but the sides of your leg as well.

hey are comfortable, so you can focus on the training and not worry about your shin guards moving around during sparring.

Sanabul Muay Thai Shin Guards

Sanabul was founded in 2014, taking variety, cost, and overall availability of combat equipment into their own hands.

The company boasts that its products are unique and tested by professionals. Sanabul is passionate about creating high quality, affordable combat products in a niche industry.

Features of the Sanabul Shin Guards

  • Professional combat gear at an excellent value
  • Comfortable for both MMA & Muay Thai
  • Endorsed by pro fighters like Sean “Sugar” O’Malley and Alan Jouban
  • Secure hook and loop closure system that ensures your shin guard stays in place


Sanabul Muay Thai Shin Guards come in plain black or are outlined with vivid colours that pop during your fight, such as metallic blue, red, or silver.

What We Like About Sanabul Muay Thai Shin Guards

Sanabul Muay Thai Shin Guards have comfortable, thick padding that doesn’t go anywhere while you are sparring.

These shin guards are durable and look great – and the best part is the cost a fraction of other brands.

RDX Matte Black Shin Guards

We’ve mentioned RDX before, and here we are again with another pair of shin guards from the British company.

Features of the RDX Matte Black Shin Guards

  • Engineered with high-performing Maya ConvEX Skin Leather
  • Supremo-shock-dispersing padding
  • Shell-Shock padding for impact absorption
  • Dual Quick EZ hook-and-loop straps
  • Waterproof QD-1 lining


RDX’s matte black shin guards are sleek, professional-looking and feel great.

What We Like About RDX Matte Black Shin Guards

We love RDX’s super-strong velcro and out-of-this-world impact-absorbing design – we are ready to spar with confidence when we put these guys on.

We don’t mind that the leather isn’t 100% genuine; in fact, we find it quite comfortable and easy on the eyes. The best Muay Thai shin guards don’t actually have to be 100% leather!

If you sweat a lot, these shin guards are fantastic as they are moisture-wicking, so they stay dry and comfy.

Hayabusa Shin Guards

Hayabusa was established in 2006 by Ken Clement, Craig Clement, David Zikakis, and Luke Harris. The company specializes in combat equipment and technical fight apparel for Muay Thai, MMA, and other martial arts.

Hayabusa is committed to developing quality products through research and exceptional manufacturing.

Features of the Hayabusa Shin Guards

  • Made of microfiber vegan leather and a neoprene sleeve
  • Low-profile, flexible, light-weight foam
  • Durable construction means long-lasting wear
  • Comfortable – shin guards that fit like a glove
  • Velcro strap closure system


These vegan leather shin guards come in white and slate/gray or black and slate/gray and have a neoprene sleeve that looks good and is breathable.

What We Like About The Hayabusa Shin Guards

Hayabusa shin guards are great for several reasons. We love the low-profile, comfortable feel and the fact that they stay in place.

What’s best is that these shin guards are sleeved, giving you maximum mobility and comfort. Nothing’s digging into our legs with the Hayabusa shin guard.

What are the best shin guards?

There are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing shin guards. Choosing the right size and fit should be at the top of your list. 

You should also consider if the shin guards will provide you with optimum mobility and protection.

Shin guards are essential when sparring to reduce the chance of injuries occurring.

Your training partners will be happy to offer up some advice or even let you try their shin guards on for size.

We hope that our list of Muay Thai shin guards help you decide on the perfect pair for your training bag.

Muay Thai Shin Guard FAQ

What are the best Muay Thai brands?

We prefer the established Thai brands. You can’t go wrong with the likes of Twins, Yokkao, Top King and Fairtex. International brands such as Sanabul and RDX are also worth a mention.

Should I buy Leather or Synthetic shin guards?

As mentioned in the article, we believe leather offers the best quality and protection. If for personal reasons you don’t buy leather, the synthetic shin guards on the list offer good quality and protection.

Do I need to wear shin guards when sparring?

In short, Yes. I would be cautious of any gym that doesn’t require shin guards when sparring. If you are training properly and checking kicks, then not wearing shin guards can cause injuries to both yourself and your training partner.

Should I get Muay Thai or MMA style shin guards?

Thai shin guards offer more protection than MMA shin guards.
MMA shin guards offer less protection as they are lighter and better for grappling.
The type of shin guards you buy should depend on your focus. For Nak Muay, you should always choose the Thai style shin guards.

What size Muay Thai shin guards should I buy?

Each brand has a different size guide. If this is your first pair of Muay Thai shin guards, ask your training partners to try theirs to test for size.

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