10 Best Muay Thai Gyms In Bangkok You Should Visit

Bangkok is the home of Muay Thai and should be the number one destination for anyone looking to explore Muay Thai Culture. There are loads of Muay Thai Gyms in Bangkok that cater to both tourists and professional fighters.

Bangkok is the most diverse city in the world. Home to countless attractions, great food and its notorious nightlife, Bangkok has something for everyone. It’s also home to multiple Muay Thai stadiums, shops and gyms.

You can explore Muay Thai all over Thailand, but Bangkok is where the high-level action is! In this guide, I discuss my top 10 Muay Thai Gyms in Bangkok.


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How To Pick a Muay Thai Gym in Bangkok?

Bangkok is home to loads of Muay Thai gyms. So how do you know what gym to pick?

For beginners, or If you train for fitness then you should try a modern gym that’s popular amongst tourists. Although Bangkok has some great Muay Thai gyms for beginners, gyms cater more towards professional fighters. For beginners looking for a Muay Thai Vacation, I recommend Phuket.

For experienced fighters, finding the right gym can be the difference between winning and losing. In Thailand, Muay Thai gyms are known for their fighting styles. Some gyms focus more on clinching, whilst others are known for punching.

Other factors when choosing a Muay Thai gym:

  • Location
  • Hygiene
  • Training Times
  • Instructors
  • Fighting Style

The important thing is that you enjoy your training. Before choosing a gym, you should try a few Muay Thai gyms to see what gym suits you best.

Where to watch Muay Thai in Bangkok?

If you are looking to watch a Muay Thai fight, you’re in the right place. Bangkok is home to the world-famous Lumpinee and Rajadanerm stadiums. In recent years a number of other stadiums have increased in popularity, offering an alternative to the national stadium Muay Thai Gyms.

Muay Thai In Bangkok

Lumpinee Stadium

Lumpinee Stadium (opened in 1954) one of two prestigious national Muay Thai stadium in Bangkok, rivalled only by Rajadanerm Stadium. The Muay Thai stadium is operated by the Thai army, and all proceeds are invested by into the military.

In 2014 Lumpinee moved to a new modern stadium that can hold up to 5000 spectators.

Muay Thai fights take place on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays and fights usually begin around 6:00 pm.

Rajadanerm Stadium

Rajadanerm is a national Muay Thai stadium in Bangkok. The stadium that has been showing fights since 1945.

Rajadamnern is the popular spot with tourists due to its location near to the tourist districts in Bangkok.

Elite Thai fighters compete regularly at Rajadanerm, hoping to fight for the prestigious Rajadanerm championship. Fights take place on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Other Muay Thai Stadiums

Channel 7 stadium offers a free Muay Thai show ever Sunday, that is packed with high level Muay Thai action. Other Muay Thai events in Bangkok to check out include MX Muay Extreme and MBK fight night.


Whenever I go to Thailand, I always treat myself to new Muay Thai gear when I arrive. The price of Muay Thai gear in Thailand is crazy cheap! There’s loads of Muay Thai shops in Bangkok that you should check out, that offer a full range of equipment!

You can also pick up cheap Muay Thai equipment at your gym. Whilst they usually charge more than shops, it’s convenient having equipment available at your gym.


It’s tempting to book training and accommodation straight away. Staying at the gym isn’t for everyone.

Your choices of accommodation include, hotels, apartments and staying on site. Firstly, you should find a gym where you want to train. Then you can explore accommodation options.

Don’t rush it and sign a long-term lease without exploring your options!


Getting to Bangkok is easy! Bangkok airport is a travel hub for South East Asia and flights can be picked up for as little as $300.

Whilst in Bangkok there are several options to get around. Take the Skytrain / bus, or you can download the Grab App on your mobile phone.

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Yokkao Muay Thai Gym Bangkok

Yokkao Muay Thai Gym Bangkok

Yokkao was founded in 2010 as a Muay Thai brand that sold gloves and apparel. Over the years the brand has grown massively, putting on Muay Thai events around the globe alongside their popular clothing. Then in 2016 the Bangkok Yokkao gym opened its doors in the heart of the famous Sukhumvit district.

The gym is home to Muay Thai legends Saenchai, Manachai and Singdam and is visited regularly by other word-class fighters such as Liam Harrison. You can book a private class with your favourite muay Thai fighter for as little as £75 for an hour.

As well as private classes, Yokkao Muay Thai gym offers classes twice a day and has an open gym session all day. Check out the link below to view their most recent timetable.

Website: https://uk.yokkao.com/pages/bangkok

Location: Soi Sukhumvit 16, Klongtoei,Klongtoei, 10110

Email: trainingcenter@yokkao.com

Petchyindee Kingdom

If you’re a fan of ONE FC you’ve probably seen the fighters from Petchyindee Kingdom domination the circuit. Petchyindee Kingdom is a Muay Thai gym in Bangkok that offers everything you need under one roof. The gym has all the facilities a fighter could need; sauna, gym, restaurant, and accommodation.

Petchyindee Kingdom is home to Muay Thai superstars, Sorgraw, Petchmorrakot and Petchdam. Farang champions Michael Savvas and Daniel Mc Gowan also train at Petchyindee.

Petchyindee was founded in 1975 by Muay Thai promoter Virat Vachirarattanawong. The Kingdom is now run by his son Sia Boat, who at 25 became Thailand’s youngest-ever promoter at a major stadium (Rajadanerm).

The gym offers both beginner classes and hardcore classes for serious Muay Thai fighters. Check out the class times using the link below.

Website: http://ww1.petchyindeekingdom.com/

Location: Charan Sanitwong 34 Alley, Arun Amarin, 10700

Email: petchyindeekingdom@gmail.com

Attachai Muay Thai Gym

Attatchia Muay Thai is run by former Lumpinee Champion Attachai Fairtex. Attachai was awarded the prestigious Lumpinee Fighter of the year award in both 1997 and 1998.

Unlike most Bangkok Muay Thai gyms, Attachai Muaythai Gym has a rural feel to it. The gym is situated next to a fishing pond surrounded by local restaurants.

Training at Attatchia Muay Thai is hard! Classes focus on technique, endurance and power. Attachai Muay Thai Gym offers 2 classes daily, starting at 8 am and 2 pm respectively.

Website: https://attachaimuaythai.com/sport-gym/

Location: 900 Soi On Nut 36 Khwaeng Suan Luang, 10250

Email: attachaimuaythaigym@gmail.com

Sitsonpeeong Muay Thai

Sitsongpeenong should be on every Nak Muay’s list of gyms to visit. Since its creation in 2008, the gym has built a name as a Muay Thai powerhouse in Bangkok.

Sitsongpeenong crafted multiple Thai champions, including Sitthichai and Thongchai. The training at Sitsongpeenong is world-class with emphasis on conditioning and proper technique.

One thing I like about Sitsongpeenon Muay Thai gyms, is that the gym has an active stable of Thai fighters, but still caters for tourists looking for an authentic Muay Thai experience.

Sitsongpeenong has classes aimed for fighters of all experience levels.
The gym offers three levels of classes, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Check out the recent timetable using the link below.

Website: http://sitsongpeenong.com/muay-thai/bangkok/

Location: 83 Chaloem Phrakiat Ratchakan Thi 9 Soi 34, 10250

Email: sitsongpeenong@hotmail.com

FA Muay Thai Gym

FA Group Muay Thai Gym gym Bangkok

FA Muay Thai gym is known for its emphasis on clinch fighting, and has trained several stadium champions including Petchboonchu and Panom.

The gym originated near the Laos border (Nong Khai), but has since moved to its new location behind the channel 7 Muay Thai Gym in Bangkok.

Classes at FA Group Muay Thai are tailored more towards more advanced foreign fighters, due to the emphasis on clinch fighting. Classes take place two times per day, six days per week.

Website: https://www.muaythaifagroup.com/

Location: Chom Phon, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900

Khongsittha Muay Thai

Khongsittha Muay Thai Gym gym Bangkok

Established in 2013, Khongsittha Muay Thai aims to provide an authentic Muay Thai experience for fighters. Khongsittha Muay Thai offers a traditional Muay Thai retreat in the heart of Bangkok.

Khongsittha Muay Thai is a complete Muay Thai retreat, offering training food and accommodation packages.

Similar to most Muay Thai gyms in Bangkok, fighters at Khongsittha Muay Thai gym train twice per day, six days per week.

Website: https://kstmuaythai.com/

Location: Sukhonthasawat Road, Ladphrao, Bangkok 10230

Email: reservations@kstmuaythai.com

RSM Muay Thai

RSM Muay Thai Gym gym Bangkok

RSM Muay Thai gym aims to bring people together through fitness and Muay Thai. The classes are aimed towards beginners and hobbyists, who are looking to stay fit and have fun.

Classes take place six days per week, five times per day. Beginners are always welcome at RSM academy.

Website: http://www.rsm-academy.com

Location: Jasmine Tower, 10110, Bangkok

Email: info.rsmacademy@gmail.com

13 Coins Muay Thai Gym

13 Coins Gym is one of the most famous Muay Thai gyms in Bangkok. The gym has been home to several legends including Saenchai and Sangmanee.

The gym is located 10 minutes away from Bangkok international airport. Fighters can stay on-site or in local accommodation, which is surrounded by loads of restaurants and shops.

Foreigners and Thai Fighters train together at 13 Coins gym. Classes take place six days per week, beginning with a run followed by pad-work, bag-work and sparring.

Website: http://www.elitefightclub.com/

Location: Khlong Tan, Khlong Toei, Bangkok, 10110

Email: contact@elitefightclub.com

Watchara Muay Thai

Watchara Gym Bangkok

Another gym that caters towards hobbyists and beginners is Watchara Muay Thai Gym. The trainers at Watchara Muay Thai Gym take time to show beginners proper technique.

Classes take place four times per day, six days per week.

Website: https://watcharagym.com/

Location: 9 Sukhumvit Soi 1, Wattana, Bangkok, 10110

Email: watchragym@gmail.com

Bangkok Fight Lab

Fight Lab Gym Bangkok

Bangkok fight lab is a mixed martial arts gym located in the heart of Bangkok. The gym offers a combination of martial arts including Muay Thai, BJJ, MMA and western boxing.

Bangkok Fight Lab welcomes people looking to get fit and learn new skills, as well as advanced martial artists preparing for competitions.

Class times differ depending on what martial art is taught, so make sure to check out the timetable below.

Website: https://www.bangkokfightlab.com/

Location: Phrakanong Sub-distrct, Khlong Toei, Bangkok, 10110

Email: info@bangkokfightlab.com

What’s the best Muay Thai Gym In Bangkok?

There’s no better city in the world to immerse yourself in Muay Thai culture than Bangkok. Bangkok is perfect for Nak Muay who are looking to train and experience Muay Thai in the country it originated.

For tourists or fitness enthusiasts looking to train, there are plenty of Muay Thai gyms in Bangkok that offer beginner lessons. Similarly, for beginners who are looking for a Muay Thai vacation, I recommend checking out a tourist hotspot like Phuket for longer trips.

Bangkok Muay Thai gyms are tailored more towards serious Nak Muay. Whist there are Muay Thai gyms throughout Thailand, Bangkok is where the elite action is.

Always try a few Muay Thai gyms in Bangkok to see what gym suits you best! Next time you’re in Bangkok, consider some of the Muay Thai gyms in this article.

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