5 Chiang Mai Muay Thai Gyms You Need To Visit

So you want to train Muay Thai in Chiang Mai?

Thailand is undoubtedly the home of the worlds Muay Thai scene. It’s an unforgettable experience training in the mecca of Muay Thai. When choosing a Muay Thai training destination, there are three common options: Bangkok, the Islands or the North of Thailand.

Chiang Mai is the largest city in Northern Thailand and the capital of the Chiang Mai province. Surrounded by mountains, jungle and the home of many temples, Chiang Mai is a popular playground for both tourists & backpackers.

Chiang Mai is perfect for fighters who are looking for an alternative to the hustle of Bangkok. In the post, I discuss my favourite 5 Chiang Mai Muay Thai Gyms.

With dozens of Muay Thai Gyms in Chiang Mai to choose from and a low cost of living, Chaing Mai is the perfect destination for a Muay Thai vacation.


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Lanna Muay Thai Gym

Lanna Muay Thai Gym Chiang Mai

Andy Thomson founded Lanna Muay Thai; he was the first foreigner to run a gym in Thailand. The gym is now run by the Thai Trainers that grew up in Lanna Muay Thai with Kru Boon taking a leading role in the future of the gym.

The gym also has a family and inclusive environment, offering a women-only class on Saturdays.

The cost per session is 350 baht, or it’s 500 baht for both sessions in 1 day.

Website: https://boonlannamuaythai.com/

Telephone: +66 65 218 2255

Email: boonlannamuaythai@gmail.com

Santai Muay Thai Gym

 Santai Muay Thai Gym chiang mai

Santai Muay Thai Gym is located in the countryside of Sankamphaeng, about 15 minutes away from Chiang Mai.

The gym is run by head trainers Phon Narupai and Anantachai Pinsinchai. During their fighting careers both where regular fighters at the famous Lumpinee stadium in Bangkok with Phon Narupai ranking number two.

The cost per session is 300 baht, or a full week of training is 3000 baht.

Website: https://muay-thai-santai.com/

Telephone: +66 82 528 6059

Email: info@santaimuaythai.com

Hong Thong Muay Thai Gym

Hong Thong Muay Thai Chiang mai

Hong Thong Muay Thai gym was opened in 2013 by twin brothers Joe “Hongthong Noi” and Gen “Hongthong Lek”.

Kru Joe and Kru Gen had previously worked in many famous gyms around Thailand including 13 Coins gym & Team Quest. The gym is located 5km to the east of Chiang Mai.

The cost per day is 300 baht per session, or a full week of training is 3000 baht for a whole week of training.

Website: http://muaythaigymhongthong.com/

Telephone: +66 89 275 3188

Email: info@muaythaigymhongthong.com

SKP Muay Thai Gym

SKP Chiang Mai Muay Thai

SKP Muay Thai is located in the town of Sankamphaeng 20km to the east of Chiang Mai.

The Gym has a stable of young Thai fighters who are currently dominating the scene in the north of Thailand. The training at SKP Muay Thai is run by Kru Keng and Kru Golf who are still active fighters themselves.

The gym caters for both fighters and hobbyists. The cost for a full month of training is 10000 baht.

Website: N/A

Telephone: +66 86 923 8618

Email: N/A

Team Quest Thailand

Chiang Mai Muay Thai

Team Quest Chiang Mai is an MMA gym run by Dylan Fussel that offers Grappling and MMA classes alongside Thai boxing.

The Gym located in the south of Chiang Mai and about 10 minutes from the international airport. Team Quest welcomes both fighters and hobbyists to its state of the art facility.

One class at team quest costs 350 baht per day, or a full week of training is 2500 baht.

Website: https://teamquestthailand.com/

Telephone: +66 86 091 1536

Email: teamquestthailand@gmail.com

Where to stay in Chiang Mai

Most of the gyms above offer on-site accommodation. I always stay in an apartment close to the gym and travel around the city via scooter.

Accommodation in Chiang Mai is cheaper than Bangkok or the Islands. A one-bed apartment in a complex with a pool can cost as little as $350 per month.

If you intend on staying long-term, I recommend staying in a hotel while trying a few areas to see where you prefer before you commit to one area.

Travel – How to get to Chiang Mai

If you’re travelling to Chiang Mai from Bangkok, you have three options Plane, Train or Bus. I always take the night bus that costs around $10 and saves you from paying for a nights accommodation.

Most people opt for the sleeper train that costs approximately $30 and offers more comfort than the night bus. It all comes down to personal preference, so weigh up your budget and the cost vs time ratio.

The best way to get around Chiang Mai is by hiring a scooter! There are plenty of rental shops with a monthly rental costing around $125 per month.

Hiring a scooter is great, as it makes things easier to explore Chaing Mai and the surrounding areas when your not training.

Bangkok is undoubtedly the home of Muay Thai, but the pollution and hectic city life isn’t for everyone.

If like me you prefer a more laid back city with plenty of attractions on offer then Chiang Mai is a great option.

There are plenty of Chiang Mai Muay Thai gyms to choose from that cater to both hobbyists and professional fighters.

If you’re thinking about training Muay Thai in Chiang Mai, check out my post on Muay Thai Gyms in Pai.

Comment below and let me know your favourite place to train Muay Thai in Thailand!

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