5 MMA Holiday Destinations You Need To Visit

Everyone loves to go on holiday, so why not turn your next vacation into an MMA holiday.

The thing I love most about martial arts is travelling and experiencing different cultures while training martial arts. A growing number of gyms around the world are offering martial arts vacations, combining travel with elite training.

I have put together a list of my favourite locations for you to take your next MMA Vacation.


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thailand MMA Holidays

Thailand is the number one destination for martial arts holidays in the world. Thousands of professional & amateur fighters travel to Thailand every month to train Muay Thai, the national sport of Thailand.

From the hustle of Bangkok to the mountains & jungles of Pai, Thailand is the perfect Martial arts holiday. Thailands world-class training facilities and endless beaches coupled with a monthly living cost of well under $1000 makes it the ideal MMA holiday.


Bali MMA holiday

Bali is an Indonesian island known for its sunny weather, beaches and surfing. Its low cost of living has seen it become a hot-spot for digital nomads in recent years.

Bali MMA in Kuta offers a range of classes and a great training atmosphere for martial artists. The low cost of living combined with the laid back vibe make Bali the perfect destination for your next MMA holiday.


MMA Holidays

The pacific highway is the ultimate martial arts road trip. The golden state is a martial arts hot-spot home to many of the worlds best MMA schools stretched along the coast. Start in San Fransico, drive through San Diego then head down to LA.

There’s plenty of gyms to explore from the AOJ in LA to Team Alpha Male in Sacramento. Make sure you budget well as a California road trip can be expensive, and mat fees can exceed $75.


MMA in japan

Japan is the home of the traditional martial artist. With its roots traced back to the samurai warriors, martial arts is deeply rooted in Japanese society. In terms of modern MMA, Japan was the home of Pride FC, and BJJ’s origin was deeply rooted in Japanise Jiu-Jitsu.

Although Japan is not a frequent destination for MMA holidays, there are plenty of gyms to visit. From more traditional jiu-jitsu & judo to kickboxing gyms. The combination of Japanese culture and traditional martial arts make Japan an excellent option for your next MMA vacation.


Brazil mma holiday

If you want to train BJJ abroad, then Brazil is your number one option. In Brazil, there are lots of camps explicitly aimed for tourists. There is often a stigma surrounding foreigners training in Brazil, but from my experience, I have always felt welcome at every gym I have trained in.

For Jiu-jitsu purists, to train where the sport originated in Brazil is an unforgettable experience

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Whats The Best MMA Holiday Vacation?

If you love travel and martial arts, then you should consider a MMA holiday for your next trip away. There’s something special about exploring a martial art in its birthplace.

Its good practice to book ahead when travelling and remember to be a good training partner.

The beauty of MMA holidays is that you get to train martial arts whilst immersing yourself in a different culture.

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I'm a martial arts competitor and enthusiast. Over the last 15 years, I have trained and competed in several martial arts. I live in Manchester U.K working as a strength & conditioning coach when I'm not travelling and exploring martial arts around the world.
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