Best Muay Thai Books To Make You A Better Fighter

If you are anything like me, when I’m not training I’m constantly watching videos and reading articles trying to expand my martial arts knowledge.

Muay Thai Books are a great way to discover Muay Thai history, explore new techniques, and follow epic martial arts adventures.

In this article on the Best Muay Thai books, I discuss my favorite books for Muay Thai fighters to keep you entertained and expand your knowledge when you’re not in the gym!

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Muay Thai, Peace At Last – Michael Goodison

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Kicking off the list is Muay Thai Peace At Last. This book follows Michael as he embarks on a journey to Chaing Mai Thailand to fight Muay Thai. Michael gives an insight into the world of muay Thai from a western perspective.

My favourite part about this book is the stories of the people he meets and the adventures he has along the way. This book resonates with many farangs in Thailand who left behind the western culture for a more minimal life in Thailand.

A Prayer Before Dawn – Billy Moore

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A Prayer Before Dawn needs no introduction to the Muay Thai scene. The blockbuster film brought brief publicity onto the Muay Thai world in 2018. A prayer before dawn is the story of Billy Moores incarceration in the infamous Klong prem prison.

Muay Thai takes the backseat in this prison memoir, as he struggles to survive in the dire Bangkok prison conditions. Moore fight drug addiction before joining the prison Muay Thai Team and eventually fighting for his freedom.

The Fighters Mind – Sam Sheridan

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The list of Best Muay Thai Books couldn’t be complete without The Fighters Mind. Sheridan embarks on a journey to uncover the secrets of mental strength and toughness for combat sports.

This book is often described as genius, with Sheridan finding the perfect balance between sports psychology and entertainment.

Sheridan explores mental strength for fighters. He does this by interviewing multiple greats in the fight game, from Marcello Garcia to elite-level fighters.

I am yet to find a book that both educates and entertains the way Sheridan does in his books.

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Muay Thai basics is the only “instructional” book in this list written by renowned trainer Christoph Delp. Delp starts by outlining the history & culture of Muay Thai as well as the rules and equipment used.

The basic techniques are shown clearly and concisely for beginners to understand. This book is the number 1 book I would recommend for beginners starting Muay Thai.

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Check out some of these Muay Thai books if you are looking to immerse yourself in muay Thai culture. Muay Thai books are a great recourse If you’re looking to improve your technique or expand your muay Thai knowledge.

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