Best Jump Ropes For Muay Thai

If you have ever trained in a Muay Thai gym in Thailand, you know that skipping, also known as jumping rope, is taken seriously. Skipping is one of the most common warm-up exercises of Muay Thai practitioners. 

There’s a good reason you won’t catch Muay Thai fighters skipping out on skipping. Why is it so beneficial?

Well, here are several reasons to pick up a rope and get to work: 

  • Warming-Up: Muay Thai is an intense combat sport. You are getting your entire body ready by skipping.  
  • Prevent Injury: When you properly warm-up, you can help reduce the chance of injury.  
  • Condition and Strengthen Calf Muscles: Skipping rope will push your calves to the next level. If power and endurance are what you are after, grab a jump rope and get to work. 
  • Improve Coordination and Endurance: In Muay Thai, excellent coordination and the ability to keep up in the ring are improved exponentially through regular skipping. 

If you want to take your Muay Thai skills to the next level, add skipping to your training sessions.

If you aren’t sure which rope to purchase, you’ve come to the right place. We have put together our pick of the best jump ropes for Muay Thai in this article – check it out.


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Elite SRS Muay Thai Power Rope 

Located in Wenatchee, WA, Elite SRS manufactures and delivers custom jump ropes worldwide to fitness centres, retail stores, gyms, and more. 

The Elite SRS Power Rope is one of our best jump ropes for Muay Thai for many reasons, including the following:


  • Rope: 12mm PVC with a hollow core
  • Handles: industrial-grade 4.75” handles with dual-ball bearings for a smooth, fast spin. Forget cord rubbing issues and any handle wear.
  • Weight: 1.3 pounds
  • Size Guidelines: 
    • 8 ft blue rope: heights 5’7″ and under
    • 9 ft red rope: heights 5’8″ – 6′ 
    • 10 ft black rope: heights 6’1″ and taller

What We Like About the Elite SRS Muay Thai Jump Rope

We love that this jump rope is perfectly weighted; it’s solid, durable, and provides an excellent muscle warm-up before we hop in the Muay Thai ring. 

WOD Nation Weighted Jump Rope 

Founded in 2013, WOD Nation designs durable, high-quality equipment with the goal of improving athletic performance. 


  • Rope: 1 thick training cable and 1 thin speed cable included giving you a variety of warm-up and workout options. 
  • Handles: Each handle holds a half pound of removable weight, meaning you can adjust the level of warmup or workout you want
  • Steel bearings ensure you get to the speed you need
  • Comfortable, ergonomically designed handles

What We Like About the WOD Nation Weighted Jump Rope

This jump rope is an excellent choice if you want to play around with the weight. Both handles have half a pound of removable weight, allowing you to warm-up or work out on your terms.

We are big fans of this high quality rope – in fact, it’s one of our best jump ropes for Muay Thai .

Muay Thai fighters will find their speed and endurance improving by adding this rope to their workout regiment.

Twins Muay Thai Jump Rope 

Thailand-based Twins Special was established in 1992 and is a dominating force in the world of Muay Thai gear and equipment. Twins has some of the best jump ropes for Muay Thai, including this one:


  • Made in Thailand
  • Rope: Thick, heavy plastic that is 8’-4” in length
  • Handles: 5″ handles 
  • Ball Bearings ensure smooth rotations
  • Weight: ~1 lb
  • Available in blue, black, or red

What We Like About the Twins Muay Thai Jump Rope

We love this one-size-fits-all jump rope from Twins Special because it just delivers – from speed, and durable to the overall quality – it’s definitely one of the best jump ropes for Muay Thai. 

We mean it when we say that this jump rope is built to last. It’s smooth rotations keep us skipping until we can’t take the burn anymore.

Live Your Moment Speed Jump Rope 

Live Your Moment believes in delivering quality products that help you stay fully present and engaged while working your incredible body. There’s quite a few features that make it one of our best jump ropes for Muay Thai – check them out:


  • Rope: Two cables are included
  • Handles: lightweight aluminum handles are durable and easy to grip
  • One Pair of Lightweight Aluminum Jump Rope Handles
  • Live Your Moment Nylon Carrying Bag is included, as well as rope ends, an Allen wrench, and other spare parts

What We Like About the Live Your Moment Jump Rope

This jump rope from Live Your Moment has helped us master our double unders. It’s fast, smooth, and delivers results.

Keep in mind that the Live Your Moment Speed Jump Rope is designed specifically for smooth surfaces. To ensure it lasts, stay away from skipping on concrete, asphalt, or other rough surfaces.

YZLSPORTS Heavy Jump Rope 

YZLSPORTS designs jump ropes, battle ropes, and other fitness gear to help athletes of all kinds achieve their goals.


  • Rope: 9.5 ft long battle rope made of three-strand thick 1200 denier polyester is extremely thick and durable
  • Weight: 5.2 lbs
  • Comfortable rubber handles
  • Protection sleeve included

What We Like About the YZLSPORTS Heavy Jump Rope

If you are looking for a rope that will burn everything from your shoulders to your calves, this is the one. We’re talking over five pounds of thick rope testing every muscle in your body.

Body Bolt Speed Rope 

Body Bolt designs and delivers quality MMA and fitness gear for beginners to experts.


  • Rope: One red cable and one black cable that are each 2.5mm wire covered in protective PVC
  • Handles: Ergonomic, comfortable aluminium non-slip handles
  • Adjustable via self-locking mechanism: Adjust so that the rope is the perfect length for your height
  • Stainless steel ball bearings: skip fast and smoothly with these ball bearings
  • Custom case for carrying

What We Like About the Body Build Speed Rope

The Body Build Speed Rope is built for ultimate speed and endurance training.

We love that we can adjust the rope so that it works for our specific height requirements. With the proper length set, we can skip to our heart’s content.

Meister Pro leather rope 

Meister was established in 2006 with the goal of providing top-notch custom MMA gear.


  • Rope: 9 ft rope that can be adjusted to fit your needs
  • Handle: an ergonomic design that fits securely and comfortably in your hands
  • Additional two ounces of weight in both handles takes your workout to the next level
  • 360 Degrees of smooth, easy rotation with polished metal bearings
  • 2oz weights embedded in both handles maximize your workout

What We Like About the Meister Pro Leather Rope

The Meister Pro Leather Rope finishes out our list of the best Muay Thai jump ropes. Combine high-quality materials, sleek design, a bit of weight, and you have the perfect rope for warming up or working out. 

Muay Thai Jump Rope FAQ’s

Picking the best jump rope for Muay Thai can be challenging. To help, we’ve put together a list of common FAQ’s.

What Are The Benefits Of Skipping For Muay Thai?

Skipping is a common warm up for Muay Thai and boxing. The sound of skipping ropes slapping that mats is a familiar sound for Thai Boxers.

Just in case you have any doubts about skipping, below we’ve put together a list of the main benefits of skipping for Muay Thai:

Warming Up

Warming up for Muay Thai is essential.

Propper warm-ups help reduce the risk of injuries and improve your athletic peformance during Muay Thai.

Skipping is a great warm-up due to the fact it increases the heart rate and blood circulation and also improves mobility in your arms and shoulders.

Improved Footwork & Coordination

If you’re looking to improve your footwork and co-ordination then skipping is a no-brainer.

When skipping you can work on your footwork by varying your rhythm and steps. Skipping teaches you how to quickly shift weight from one foot to another.

Leg Conditioning

Skipping will condition and strengthen your leg muscles.

Due to the mechanism of skipping, it provides a full workout to your leg muscles.

This will benefit fighters both when throwing strikes and blocking/checking kicks.

Improved Cardiovascular Fitness

Skipping slowly is a similar workout to jogging. 30 minutes of steady skipping will both burn a steady stream of calories and improve your aerobic fitness.

You can also improve your anaerobic system by performing interval training and sprints.

You Can Skip Anywhere

It may seem obvious, but skipping ropes are convenient and fit easily in your training bag.

If you’re looking for an alternative to running, no matter where you are, it’s easy to take out your skipping rope for a quick workout.

What Material Skipping Rope Should I Buy?

When it comes to choosing a skipping rope for Muay Thai you have a few options.

These include:

  • Plastic skipping rope
  • Metal wire skipping rope
  • Leather skipping rope
  • Rope skipping rope

Let’s dive into more detail.

Plastic Muay Thai skipping rope

Plastic Muay Thai jump ropes are the most common type of skipping rope.

They are widely available, cheap and durable.

You can achieve a great deal of speed and control when using a plastic skipping rope.

Just be cautious that when using a plastic skipping rope outside on concrete they can erode quickly.

If you decide to go with a plastic skipping rope, make sure you choose a high-quality version.

Leather Muay Thai skipping rope

Leather skipping ropes are the traditional style that you will find in old-school boxing gyms.

They are usually heavier, allowing for you to have more control over the rope, and skip faster.

Metal Wire Muay Thai Skipping Rope

Metal wire Muay Thai skipping ropes are some of the best quality ropes on the market.

They allow you to skip faster than any of the other style of rope, and are durable on all surfaces including concrete.

Rope Muay Thai Skipping Rope

Heavy rope skipping ropes are made out of the same material as the battle ropes you will find in the strength & conditioning section of the gym.

You will skip at a slower pace than plastic and metal ropes, but the weight of the rope will condition your arms and shoulders more.

What Length Skipping Rope To Buy?

The length of skipping rope you should buy will depend on how tall you are.

It’s vital you get the right skipping rope length for Muay Thai. If your rope is too short it will get caught in your feet. Alternatively, if your skipping rope is too long it can drag on the floor and slow you down.

As a general rule, you should have between 6-11 inches gap over your head when skipping.

Ultimately, It comes down to trial and error on your preferred length when skipping.

How To Set Up Your Skipping Rope

You can change the length of the rope by simply making a loop under the handle of the rope. With higher quality ropes you can just adjust the length.

Quick Tip: To check the length of your skipping rope, stand on the centre of your rope and lift it up. The rope handle ends should reach your armpits.

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In Summary

Muay Thai is an intense combat sport and requires that you take warming up seriously. By skipping, you prepare your entire body for intense training and sparring sessions.

Jumping rope helps increase muscle endurance, explosive power, agility, speed, and overall fitness. So whether you skip before Muay Thai training or use a rope for cardio, just remember that jumping rope can change your entire game.

We hope our comprehensive guide helps you find the best jump rope for Muay Thai.

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