5 Tips For MMA Beginners To Smash Your First Fight

Signing up to an MMA gym can be a daunting experience, whilst at the same time as being one of the best decisions you will ever make. The beginning stage is a cocktail of both excitement and nervousness.

In this article on my 5 Tips For MMA Beginners, I discuss my five most important tips to help you thrive in your early days in MMA.

These tips are simple yet effective tricks that you can apply to enhance both your enjoyment of MMA and optimize your performance. When I first stepped into an MMA gym as an overweight teenager, I wish I followed the tips below.


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Hydration For MMA Beginners

Tips for mma beginners

The human body needs water to function. As little as 2% dehydration can affect both physical and mental performance. BJJ training can quickly cause dehydration, especially when wearing the GI.

Dehydration is brutal for fighters leading to headaches, impaired brain function, reduced endurance, and can increase the chance of brain trauma.

I recommend drinking at least 2 litres of water per day. Stay hydrated before training and bring a bottle of water when you train to maintain hydration levels.

Get the Best Equipment

My number one tips for MMA beginners is to buy high quality equipment.

You can use the communal equipment at your gym, but it often stinks and is extremely unhygienic.

Don’t buy cheap low-quality Beginner MMA Gear as you will only end up replacing it a few months later and risk injury!

Always buy the highest quality equipment you can afford in your budget! Go with established MMA brands (RDX, Venum, Scramble), so you can be confident in both comfort and protection.

Recovery For MMA Beginners

mma tips for beginners

Recovery is the most overlooked aspect of most MMA fighters training.

Overtraining and insufficient rest can lead to injuries and a compromised immune system. Your body repairs itself during sleep, so it’s vital to get over 8 hours daily.

Food is also essential for recovery, for optimum recovery & performance ensure you’re eating the necessary macro/micronutrients. Just be sensible, and listen to your body. If you’re injured, take a break from training.

Ask Sensible Questions

Our instructors are there to help us, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

During my first year of MMA training, I often stayed behind to hammer my instructor with questions on previous techniques to not disturb the class.

If you are an experienced fighter, try to offer tips to beginners that might be having trouble, as some people are often apprehensive about asking.

In a positive training environment should always feel comfortable asking questions.

tips for mma beginners

Consistency is Key

A lot about MMA & BJJ is about repetition and muscle memory. Just show up, be open to learn and put in your best effort.

It can be disheartening at how long it takes to get good at MMA, and being dominated continuously on the mats takes its toll on anyone’s ego. Stay consistent..

All you need to make progress is to show up, I promise you. 

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These 5 Tips for MMA beginners are certainly not rocket science as the simplest solution is often the most effective.

The keys to progress are simple….. show up, leave your ego at home and be open to learn.

Remember to focus on your recovery and listen to your body regarding any injuries you may have.

Share these 5 Tips For MMA Beginners with your friends and training partners on social media! Check out my post for on how to smash your first BJJ Competition!

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I'm a martial arts competitor and enthusiast. Over the last 15 years, I have trained and competed in several martial arts. I live in Manchester U.K working as a strength & conditioning coach when I'm not travelling and exploring martial arts around the world.
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