Muay Thai in Birmingham

If you’re looking to start training Muay Thai in Birmingham, then you have plenty of gyms to choose from.

Picking the right Muay Thai gym in Birmingham can be challenging. So, to help, we’ve put together this guide.

In this guide, we discuss the best Muay Thai gyms in Birmingham and the factors you should consider when choosing a gym.


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K-Star Thai Boxing Academy

K-Star Thai-Boxing birmingham

Established over 30 years ago, K-Star has grown into the biggest Muay Thai Academy in Birmingham and one of the best in the UK.

Founded in 1989 by Steve Logan, K-Star has a reputation for producing some of the best Muay Thai fighters in the UK. Notable K-Star fighters include world champion Damien Trainor and British champion Adrian Maguire.

What we like about K-Star:

  • K-Star is one of the most established Muay Thai gyms in the UK.
  • The gym has several locations around Birmingham
  • K-Star has a reputation for producing world-class fighters

K-Star offers specific beginners classes that involve a combination of pad-work and light contact drills with a partner. The gym also uses a universal grading system in all academies, meaning everybody is training with people of a similar ability.

Check out K-Star Thai Boxing below.


Location: 54 College Rd, Perry Barr, B44 8BS

NJB Muay Thai

NJB Muay Thai Birmingham

NJB offers a variety of martial arts including, Muay Thai, MMA, Boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The gym was founded by head coach Nathan Bendon, a former UK Muay Thai champion.

What’s great about NJB is the fact they have gathered some of the best fighters in the UK to become the coaches and mentors at the gym. Having that much talent in one room makes sparring interesting to watch!

What we like about NJB Muay Thai:

  • NJB offers classes in several different martial arts
  • The gym welcomes fighters of all experience levels
  • NJB offer a variety of flexible memberships

Although NJB offers classes in multiple martial arts, they specialise in Thai boxing. The gym welcomes fighters of all ages and experience levels, from complete beginners to professional fighters.

Check out NJB Muay Thai below.


Location: Camp Lane, B21 8JF UK


The Eagle Kickboxing Academy

Eagle Muay Thai Birmingham

The Eagle Kickboxing Academy was founded by head coach Alex Forfi. Located in Birmingham’s iconic Jewellery quarter, Eagle Kickboxing is set over three floors and is home to a fully-equipped martial arts gym and a strength & conditioning facility.

What we like about Eagle Kickboxing Academy:

  • The Eagle Kickboxing Academy has a friendly & welcoming atmosphere 
  • The Eagle Kickboxing Academy supports people of all ability levels
  • The gym offers both afternoon & evening classes

The Eagle Kickboxing Academy offers specific classes for beginners, children and 1-2-1 personal training sessions.

Check out the Eagle Kickboxing Academy below.


Location: St Helens Passage, B1 3ND


Black Widow Martial Arts

Black Widow Martial Arts Birmingham

Black Widow is a Mixed Martial Arts Gym in Birmingham. They offer a range of classes that include MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing and Submission Wrestling.

What we like about Black Widow Martial Arts:

  • The gym offers specific classes for both women and children
  • Black Widow offers a variety of martial arts

Black Widow Martial Arts provides all levels of training to their members, from beginners to professional fighters classes. They also hold separate classes for women and children.

For more information on Black Widow Martial Arts, check them out below.


Location: 858 Washwood Heath Road, B8 2NL


K-Star Legacy

K-star legacy muay thai birmingham

K-Star legacy is one of the most successful Thai Boxing academies in Birmingham. Located in Quinton, K-Star legacy is a full-time Muay Thai gym run by chief instructor Damien Trainor.

Damien Trainor is a two-time world champion and UK Muay Thai legend. During his career, he fought multiple Thai legends including, Kaewklaa Kaewsamrit, Wangchannoi Sor.Parangchai and Rungravee Sasiprapa.

What we like about K-Star Legacy:

  • Damien Trainor is one of the most experienced Muay Thai fighters in the UK
  • K-Star Legacy offers a structured beginners program
  • Joining Legacy will give you access to any of the 4 K-Star gyms

K-Star offers a beginners course designed to cover the fundamentals of Muay Thai. The gym also has a strong stable of fighters who compete in Muay Thai shows around the UK.

Check out K-Star Legacy below.


Location: Oldbury, B68 0PJ


8-Limbs Muay Thai Birmingham

8-Limbs Muay Thai Birmingham

8-Limbs is one of the most established Muay Thai gyms in Birmingham. Open six days a week, 8-Limbs offers Muay Thai classes for people of all experience levels.

What we like about 8-Limbs Muay Thai:

  • The gym has a friendly & welcoming atmosphere
  • 8-Limbs is one of the most established Muay Thai gyms in Birmingham
  • The gym offers a children’s martial arts program

8-Limbs offers specific classes for beginners, advanced fighters and children.

Check out 8-Limbs Muay Thai below.


Location: Shirley Road, Acocks Green, B27 7X

Aero-Kick Birmingham

aero kick muay thai birmingham

Aero Kick is a community kickboxing & martial arts gym in Birmingham. The gym offers classes in a range of disciplines including, Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA and Kickboxing.

Aero-Kick welcomes people of all ages and experience levels, from mums trying to loosed weight to veteran fighters.

What we like about Aero-Kick gym:

  • Aero-Kick takes part in several local community programs
  • The gym offers classes in a variety of different martial arts
  • Aero-Kick welcomes fighters of all ages and backgrounds

What we love about Aero-Kick gym, is the work that they do in the local community. They are part of several programs including “tackling crime through sport” and the “positive impact development” program.

Check out Aero-Kick gym below.


Location:  54 Bissell Street, B5 7HP


Cobra Muay Thai Birmingham

Cobra Muay Thai Birmingham

Cobra Muay Thai Birmingham welcomes people of all ages and experience levels, from hobbyists to professional fighters.

The gym has an active competition team that regularly compete in Muay Thai events throughout the UK.

For more information on Cobra Muay Thai gym in Birmingham, drop them a message via email or on Facebook.

Location: 10 Highfield Rd, B8 3QX


How To Pick A Muay Thai Gym In Birmingham

When picking a Muay Thai gym in Birmingham, there are several factors you should consider.

Muay Thai Experience

If you are an experienced fighter, you should join a gym that offers high-level training and has plenty of sparring partners for you to prepare for fights.

On the flip side, if you’ve never trained Muay Thai before, you should join a gym that offers specific classes for beginners.


When choosing a Muay Thai gym in Birmingham you should consider the location. For your training to be sustainable, you need to pick a gym within a commutable distance from your home.

When picking the location you should consider:

  • The distance from your home/work/school
  • How long it takes to get there during rush hour
  • What is public transport like?
  • Is the Muay Thai gym located in the city centre?
  • How much it costs to get to training

We suggest picking a Muay Thai gym within a 30-minute commute from your home. You should also test the journey a couple of times during rush hour before signing a long-term contract.

Muay Thai Instructors

Every instructor has a different style of teaching Muay Thai. It’s essential that you build a good relationship with your instructor.

You should also consider the style of your Muay Thai instructor. For example, if you are stocky and muscular, it could be beneficial to learn from an instructor who has a similar build.

Another great thing about learning Muay Thai is the fact that you get to train under some of the best fighters in the world.

Muay Thai Gym Facilities

Some of the best Muay Thai gyms in the world are basic no thrills gyms with no modern amenities.

That being said, there are so many martial arts gyms in Birmingham that vary in size and the facilities on offer. 

Although it’s not the most important factor, you should still consider the facilities on offer when picking a gym.

You should consider:

  • The number of classes on offer per week
  • Does the gym have changing & shower facilities?
  • The gym size & mat space
  • Does the gym have a ring & Muay Thai bags?

There are positives to training at both large and small Muay Thai gyms in Birmingham.

Larger Muay Thai gyms will usually have better facilities, more classes on offer per week and more training partners. Smaller Muay Thai gyms often have more of a family feel and offer more 1-2-1 training time with your instructor.

Try Before You Sign Up!

Most Muay Thai gyms in Birmingham offer a free trial class. It’s always a good idea to try a few different gyms before committing to a Muay Thai gym.

Muay Thai in Birmingham FAQ

With so many options available, picking a Muay Thai gym in Birmingham can be daunting. So, to help, we’ve put together a list of FAQs.

How Long Until I Have My First Muay Thai Fight?

When is the right time to have your first Muay Thai fight?

Ultimately, the decision is down to your Muay Thai instructor.

Some common factors your trainer will look at:

  • Your fitness & conditioning level
  • Your Muay Thai technical level
  • How often you can train
  • Your mental strength – are you mentally prepared for your first fight?
  • What weight class you are in

Having your first Muay Thai fight is an unforgettable experience. To prepare for your first fight, train hard, train often and listen to your instructor.

How Much Does it Cost To Train Muay Thai in Birmingham?

The price of training Muay Thai in Birmingham will vary depending on several factors.

These include:

  • The facilities of the Muay Thai gym
  • How many classes are on offer
  • The instructor of the Muay Thai gym
  • Where the Muay Thai gym is located

In general, you should expect to pay between £50 – £100 per month for unlimited Muay Thai training in Birmingham.

Where Can I Watch Muay Thai in Birmingham?

There are regular Muay Thai events in Birmingham that feature both professional and amateur Muay Thai fighters.

Muay Thai bouts are featured on both Muay Thai shows and MMA events that host different martial arts and fighting styles.

What Equipment Do I Need For Muay Thai?

After joining a Muay Thai gym in Birmingham, it’s time to buy your Muay Thai gear!

We recommend the following:

When buying Muay Thai equipment, always get the best quality equipment you can afford in your budget. High-quality Muay Thai equipment is more durable and long-lasting than cheaper alternatives.

What Does A Muay Thai Class in Birmingham Consist of?

Although Muay Thai classes will vary depending on the gym, they typically follow a similar format.

Muay Thai classes are broken down into three sections:

  • Warm Up – This consists of skipping, shadow boxing and Muay Thai specific drills.
  • Technical Work – Muay Thai technical work that consists of either pad-work, bag-work or partner drills
  • Sparring & Conditioning – More experienced Nak Muay will finish the class with sparring and conditioning drills.

What Can I Do To Improve Faster In Muay Thai?

Whilst there is no better way to learn Muay Thai than attending classes, there are several things you can do to progress faster.

We recommend checking out some of the online instructional courses below.

Looking For Some Muay Thai Gloves?

Fairtex is one of the most established Muay Thai brands in the world. Fairtex Muay Thai gloves are high-quality, durable and offer premium protection for Muay Thai fighters. We are massive fans, so check them out!

fairtex gloves

What Muay Thai Gym In Birmingham Should You Pick?

Ultimately, when picking a Muay Thai gym in Birmingham it comes down to personal preference.

Picking a gym can be challenging, but there are some common factors every fighter should consider.

Factors you should consider include:

  • Muay Thai gym location in Birmingham
  • The facilities of the Muay Thai gym
  • How much the Muay Thai gym costs
  • The instructors of the Muay Thai gym

The most important thing about picking a Muay Thai gym in Birmingham is that you enjoy your training and progress as a Muay Thai fighter.

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