What Size Gloves Are Used In MMA Fights?

During the evolution of MMA, Vale Tudo fighters in Brazil fought without the use of gloves. As the sport of MMA evolved, rules such as the use of MMA gloves were implemented to protect fighters and help the sport’s growth.

Similar to Boxing, MMA has several sanctioning bodies and fight promotions. Every promotion has its own rules and regulations, including the gloves that fighters wear.

This article will discuss what size gloves are used in MMA fights. We will also look at the differences between MMA and boxing gloves and the benefits and safety implications of using them.

What Size Gloves Are Used In MMA fights?

Most professional MMA fighters wear 4 ounces (110 g) gloves, whereas amateurs usually wear slightly heavier 6 ounces (170 g) gloves for increased safety. According to the UFC rules, fighters can wear gloves weighing between 4-6 ounces. MMA fighters can also wear heavier and larger-sized gloves if this is agreed upon before the fight.

MMA has no global sanctioning body, so organizations can implement their own rules regarding the MMA glove size. The UFC follows the unified MMA rules, designed to improve fighters’ safety and aid the growth of MMA.

The unified MMA rules state, “All contestants shall wear gloves which are at least 4 oz and are approved by the commission. There should not be a limit placed on 6 oz gloves. The introduction of 3XL to 5XL gloves means that gloves may weigh over 6 ounces.”

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Why Are MMA Gloves Different From Boxing Gloves?

MMA gloves, also known as grappling gloves, are small, open-fingered gloves used in MMA fights. They usually have around 4–6 oz of padding and are designed to provide MMA fighters with some protection while leaving the fingers available for grappling techniques such as takedowns and submissions.

Boxing gloves are significantly larger than MMA gloves, offering more protection to fighters. Professional boxers typically wear gloves with around 8–10 oz of padding during fights. Boxing gloves are designed to protect both the fighter’s hands and the opponent’s during about.

Why Are MMA Gloves Open-Fingered?

The sport of MMA consists of a variety of martial arts, ranging from boxing to BJJ. MMA gloves are designed with both striking and grappling in mind.

The open-fingered design of MMA gloves allows for increased mobility compared to boxing gloves. The smaller size and open-fingered design allow grapplers and wrestlers to grip to execute submissions and takedowns successfully.

If you’ve ever tried grappling in boxing gloves, you would know it’s almost impossible. MMA gloves are designed to protect fighters’ hands and allow for enough mobility for MMA fighters to execute techniques.

Safety OF MMA Gloves

MMA gloves are smaller than boxing gloves, so they offer less padding. This means that MMA fights often result in more cuts and knockouts.

There are benefits to using both smaller open-fingered MMA gloves and larger, therefore more padded boxing gloves. Below we discuss some of the main advantages and issues for fighters using MMA gloves.

Benefits Of MMA Gloves

  • MMA gloves protect fighters from sustaining hand injuries.
  • The open-fingered gloves allow fighters to perform grappling techniques.
  • MMA gloves reduce the risk of brain injury compared to boxing gloves.
  • More knockouts and stoppages occur due to the size of the gloves, making the fights entertaining for spectators.

Drawbacks Of MMA Gloves

  • MMA gloves are smaller than boxing gloves, offering less hand protection.
  • Eye pokes are common in MMA due to the open-fingered design.
  • More flash knockouts and cuts occur due to the MMA gloves’ size, making the fights entertaining for spectators but more dangerous for fighters.

Ultimately the damage caused by MMA and boxing gloves is different. More research needs to be conducted to study the long-term safety implications of using smaller MMA gloves.

What Size Gloves Do MMA Fighters Use?

MMA gloves are designed to encourage fighters to throw strikes while allowing enough mobility for grappling techniques. The primary purpose of MMA gloves is to protect the fighter’s hands. Compared to boxing gloves, evidence shows that MMA gloves may also reduce the risk of brain injury.

Professional MMA fighters usually wear MMA gloves weighing between 4-6 ounces. Fighters can also use larger MMA gloves (3XL to 5XL), meaning that gloves may weigh over 6 ounces.

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