Muay Thai In Manchester Guide

If you’re looking to learn Muay Thai in Manchester, then you have lots of gyms to choose from.

Picking the right Muay Thai gym in Manchester can be challenging. So, to help, we’ve put together this article.

In this guide, we discuss the best Muay Thai gyms in Manchester and the factors you should consider when picking a Muay Thai gym.


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MFA Muay Thai

MFA muay thai in manchester

MFA is run by Muay Thai fighter Jonno Chipchase. Jonno, who is still an active fighter, is a legend in UK Muay Thai and top-ranked fighter in his weight division.

Manchester Fighters academy is a pure Muay Thai Gym with classes lead by Jonno Chipchase and his father. Training at MFA is quality, with a real emphasis on propper Thai technique.

There is a stable of fighters from MFA who are incredibly active on the UK Muay Thai circuit.

SBG Manchester

sbg manchester muay thai

While SBG is primarily an MMA gym, they offer striking classes five times per week. Classes are lead by head Instructor Matt Inman, who has an impressive Muay Thai background alongside his successful MMA career.

SBG Manchester has a strong presence in the UK MMA scene, with several prospects regularly fighting on Cage Warriors and other world-class organisations.


All Powers Muay Thai Gym

all powers muay thai in manchester

All Powers Gym was founded as ‘Stockport Thai Fighters’ by Muay Thai trainer Paul Tite. In 2010 Paul moved to Thailand and handed over Stockport Thai Fighters to his fighter Panicos Yusuf.

Panicos Yusuf is a two-time Muay Thai world champion and has competed for multiple leading organisations including ONE FC & Yokkao.

They have a squad of fighters that represent All Powers Gym throughout the U.K and on the world stage. All powers gym also offer MMA and wrestling classes.


Master A Muay Thai

Master A Muay Thai in manchester

Located in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, Masters A Muay Thai is run by Master Somapat Sitiwatjana (Master A) who has over 35 years of Muay Thai experience.

Masters A Muay Thai puts emphasis on performing fundamental techniques effectively and welcomes all ages and abilities. The gym has a strong youth squad with numerous junior champions.


Phoenix Muay Thai

Phoenix Muay Thai is located 20 minutes North of Manchester in a town called Whitefield. Rick Young, the head coach, is a 2x British champion and trained under the legendary Master Sken.

Phoenix Muay Thai welcomes people of all ages and experience levels and has also implemented an outstanding youth program.


2 Technical Muay Thai

2 Technical Muay Thai in manchester

Head coach Paul Karpowicz owns 2 technical Muay Thai. Karpowicz is a world-class fighter famous for his unorthodox and fluid style. Paul has fought the best in the business and makes regular appearances on Yokkao & MTGP.

2 Technical Muay Thai is home to several top UK Muay Thai fighters who regularly fight on top promotions around the UK.

How To Pick A Muay Thai Gym In Manchester

Choosing a Muay Thai gym in Manchester can be challenging. Below are our five top tips to help you pick a gym.

Location In Manchester

When it comes to picking a Muay Thai gym in Manchester, it is essential that you consider the location.

Location factors to consider:

  • How much it costs to get to training.
  • The distance from work/school/home.
  • Is there public transport?
  • What is the traffic like at rush hour?

For your Muay Thai training to be consistent, you should pick a gym within a 30-minute commute from your work or home.

Muay Thai Experience

How long have you been training Muay Thai?

When picking a Muay Thai gym in Manchester, you should consider your experience level.

If you’re an experienced Muay Thai fighter, you should join a gym that has multiple sparring partners so you can prepare for fights.

Alternatively, if you’re new to Muay Thai, you should join a gym that offers a beginner program.

Muay Thai Instructors

When picking a Muay Thai gym in Manchester, you should take into consideration who the instructor of the gym is.

Different coaches will have different methods of teaching Muay Thai.

Instructors will also specialise in specific areas of Muay Thai. For example, instructors who are expert clinch fighters usually produce fighters who have a strong clinch game.

Muay Thai Gym Size & Facilities

You should consider the facilities and size of the gym when picking a Muay Thai gym in Manchester.

There are benefits to training at both large and small Muay Thai gyms.

Benefits of training at a larger gym:

  • There will be more sparring partners to prepare for fights.
  • Larger Muay Thai gyms will have better facilities.
  • Larger gyms often have more classes scheduled per week.

Benefits of training at a smaller gym:

  • Smaller Muay Thai gyms often have a community/family feel.
  • You will get more 1-2-1 coaching at smaller gyms.
  • Smaller Muay Thai gyms are usually cheaper than larger gyms.

At the end of the day, it comes down to individual preference!

Take A Trial Class

Most Muay Thai gyms in Manchester offer a free trial class. You should take advantage of this and try a few different gyms before committing to a specific Muay Thai gym.

Muay Thai in Manchester FAQ’s

Picking a Muay Thai gym in Manchester can be challenging. So, to help, we have put together a list of common FAQ’s.

When Should I Have My First Muay Thai Fight?

When should you have your first fight?

Ultimately, your coach will decide when you’re ready for your first fight.

Some factors your instructor will look at are:

  • Your technical ability.
  • Your experience level.
  • What weight class you’re in.

If you’re preparing for your first fight, focus on your strength & conditioning and turn up to the gym as much as possible.

How Much Does it Cost To Train Muay Thai in Manchester?

The price of training Muay Thai in Newcastle will vary depending on several factors.

These include:

  • Where the Muay Thai gym is located.
  • The facilities of the Muay Thai gym.
  • Who the Muay Thai instructors are.
  • How many classes the timetable offers per week.

In general, you should expect to pay between £60 – £100 per month for unlimited Muay Thai training in Newcastle.

Where Can I Watch Muay Thai in Manchester?

There are several shows each month in the North-East of England that feature Muay Thai fights.

The North of England is home to some of the best Muay Thai fighters in the world. Newcastle holds regular Muay Thai events that feature some of the best prospects in the UK.

There is also a large amateur fight scene in Newcastle. Amateur martial arts events can feature a combination of Muay Thai, Kickboxing and White-collar boxing bouts on the same card.

What Equipment Do I Need For Muay Thai?

Muay Thai gyms will often have shared equipment for students to use. For both protection and hygiene, we recommend buying your own equipment as soon as possible.

If you’re new to Muay Thai, we suggest buying:

Remember, you should always buy the best equipment you can afford within your budget. High-quality Muay Thai equipment offers increased protection and is more durable than cheaper alternatives.

What Does A Muay Thai Class in Manchester Consist of?

Whilst classes will vary depending on the Muay Thai gym, they tend to follow a similar format.

  • Warm-up – Classes start with a warm-up that consists of shadow boxing and skipping.
  • Technical work – Technical work consisting of a combination of pad work, bag work and partner drills.
  • Sparring – Experienced fighters will spar to finish the class.

How Can I Get Better At Muay Thai?

Whilst there is nothing better than going to class, there are several online courses you can use to progress faster.

Our favourite instructionals include:

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What Is The Best Muay Thai Gym In Manchester?

Ultimately, when you’re choosing a Muay Thai gym in Manchester, it comes down to individual preference.

Picking the right gym can be challenging, but there are some common factors that you should always consider.

Factors you should consider:

  • The location of the Muay Thai gym.
  • Does the gym have a competition team?
  • The instructors of the Muay Thai gym.
  • The size & facilities of the gym.
  • How many classes are on offer per week?

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