7 Best Gyms To Train BJJ In Manchester

Ever since UFC 1, the popularity of BJJ has exploded. 15 Years ago, fighters would travel for hours to improve their grappling skills. These days it’s not uncommon for there to be several BJJ gyms in most cities.

I’ve spent the last two years living in Manchester and have been lucky enough to train at several BJJ gyms in Manchester.

Manchester is home to several of the best BJJ gyms in the UK. In this post, I discuss 7 BJJ gyms in Manchester to check out.


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Stealth BJJ Manchester

stealth bjj in manchester

Stealth BJJ is run by Steve Campbell who is a Black Belt under Carlos Gracie Jr. Steve spent several years training in Rio Brazil, the home of BJJ.

In respect of pure BJJ, the gym is one of the best in the county and is home to several national and European champions.

The gym is located in Oldham and is one of the only gyms in Manchester offering morning, afternoon and evening sessions.

Website: https://www.stealthbjj.com/

Location: Bourne St, Chadderton, Oldham OL9 7LX

Email: info@stealthbjj.com

SBG Manchester


SBG Manchester is located in the city centre, a 5-minute walk from Piccadilly station. The gym has been established for over 15 years, and is one of the original MMA gyms in manchester.

BJJ classes are overseen by Head instructor Matt Inman and BJJ coach Chris Coltrane, who are both accomplished black belts. SBG Manchester offers grappling 7 days a week, with classes split between no-gi grappling and BJJ.

Website: http://www.sbgmanchester.com/

Location: Sheffield St, Manchester M1 2ND

Email: info@sbgmanchester.com

Factory BJJ Manchester

Factory BJJ in Stockport, is run by head instructor Adam Adshead. Adam started training in 2004 and obtained his black belt from the legendary Chris Haueter.

The gym caters for both hobbyists and competitive practitioners and has a strong presence on the national competition scene.

Factory BJJ has classes in the afternoon and throughout the evening.

Website: https://factorybjj.com/

Location: Unit 22 Haigh Park, Reddish, Stockport SK4 1QR

Email: info@factorybjj.com 

Preditors MMA

preditors mma manchester

Predators MMA was founded in 2006 by BJJ Black belt Gavin Boardman. The gym is located 10 minutes north of the city centre.

The gym schedules BJJ 6 days per week and offers both fundamental and advanced classes.

Website: https://www.manchester-mma.com/

Location: First Floor, 15 Chatley St, Cheetham Hill, M3 1HU

Email: predatorsmmagym@gmail.com

Franks Team MMA Manchester

franks team bjj manchester

Franks Team Manchester is located in the east of the city. The gym was founded in 2015 and has recently opened up a new modern training facility.

The BJJ program is run by Lucio Sergio, a multiple IBJJF & UAEJJF champion. BJJ classes run six days a week and welcome people of all experience levels from beginner to seasoned competitor.

Website: https://franksteam.co.uk/

Location: 2nd Floor, 217-223 Ashton Old Road, M11 3WU

Email: info@franksteam.co.uk

ASW Academy Manchester

ASW BJJ manchester

ASW Manchester is an MMA gym in Manchester that specialises in Catch Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA and Thai Boxing.

The gym was founded by Head Coach Kameron Atakuru, who is an accomplished no-gi grappler and BJJ black belt. The gym is known for its grappling as they are the only gym in Manchester that specialises in Catch Wrestling.

ASW Manchester offers a solid grappling program consisting of BJJ and submission wrestling.

Website: https://unionacademy.co.uk/

Location: Blue Chip Business Park Unit 5, Altrincham WA14 5DD

Email: info@sbgmanchester.com

Fighting Fit Manchester

Fighting fit martial arts manchester

Fighting Fit was founded in 2008 and is one of Manchester’s longest-running MMA gyms.

BJJ classes are scheduled Monday, Wednesday & Friday and are run by 2nd-degree black belt Martyn Cahill. Fighting Fit Manchester also provides a range of packages that include 1on1 personal training.

Website: https://www.fightingfitmanchester.com/

Location: 2 Millow St, Manchester M4 4DR

Email: gym@fightingfitmanchester.co.uk

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What Is The Best BJJ Gym In Manchester?

With so many BJJ gyms to choose from in Manchester, I recommend trying a few gyms to see what one you like the most.

If you are interested in training martial arts in Manchester, then you should check out my article on the best MMA gyms in Manchester.

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