How To Get Good At Muay Thai

Like MMA, those new to Muay Thai training often ask how to get better at Muay Thai faster. There are so many skills to learn in Muay Thai that you might not know where to start.

The art of eight limbs is a physically demanding martial art that can take years to master.

This article discusses eight tips to get good at Muay Thai faster. If you’re serious about improving your Muay Thai skills, then carefully read through and implement these eight tips outlined in this article.

How long does it take to Master Muay Thai?

You really can’t put a time frame on how long it will take for someone to get good at Muay Thai. Everyone who trains Muay Thai will progress at their own speed, and there are various factors that determine it.

Some of the many factors that determine how long it takes to be good at Muay Thai include:

  • Your physical fitness.
  • Commitments outside of the gym.
  • Previous martial arts experience level.
  • Your level of flexibility.
  • Your technical ability.

People serious about their Muay Thai training who are looking to fight should never feel like they’re good enough. Professional fighters should always have the mindset that there is something they can work on to improve their Muay Thai game.

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Be committed To Muay Thai

Our first tip on how to get good at Muay Thai faster is to be fully committed to the martial art. You need to eat, breathe and sleep the ancient martial art of Muay Thai. Become obsessed with Muay Thai.

Being committed doesn’t just mean training Muay Thai every day, but it has to be the main passion in your life. 

The only way to become the best Thai Boxer in the world is to commit yourself 100%. 

If you’re serious about fighting competitively, you must dedicate your time to training to be the best you can be, both inside and outside the ring.

Listen to your Muay Instructors

how to get better at muay thai

The only way to progress in Muay Thai is by listening to your instructor.

Your Thai Boxing coaches have infinitely more experience than you do as a beginner. They have probably forgotten more about Muay Thai than you have ever learned.

You must pay close attention to everything they say about the techniques. This is how the best Muay Thai fighters in the world have reached the top of the sport. Ultimately, to succeed in Muay Thai, you have to be a good student and listen to your instructors.

Leave your ego at the door

If you can’t separate yourself from your ego, then Muay Thai is not the sport for you!

When starting your Muay Thai journey, leaving your ego at home is essential.

Martial arts instructors prefer to teach open-minded students who have a growth mindset. Once you put your ego aside, you’ll be able to learn more and improve your Muay Thai knowledge faster.

Learn every part of the sport

how to get good at muay thai

The art of eight limbs is an intricate sport with several variables. You can’t just be good at one aspect of Muay Thai and ignore other areas of the sport.

To get good at Muay Thai, you have to learn every aspect of the sport. This includes being good at kicking, punching and also clinching.

Although the best Nak Muay in the world may specialize in one aspect, they are proficient in all areas in Muay Thai. Take the time to grow your skills and become an expert in every part of the sport.

Improve your flexibility

Flexibility is defined as the ability of a joint or series of joints to move through an unrestricted, pain-free range of motion.

Training in a sport like Muay Thai, it’s essential that you work on your flexibility. Every time you attend a Muay Thai training session, you should perform a stretching routine before and after your workout.

Stretch during your warm-up to prepare yourself for a gruelling Muay Thai session and after to improve your flexibility. 

There are two reasons to improve your flexibility for Muay Thai. The first is that you need to be flexible to throw kicks to your opponents head. The second reason to improve your flexibility for Thai Boxing is to avoid injuries

In Muay Thai, muscle strains are a common occurrence. If you focus on improving your flexibility, you’ll significantly reduce the risk of sustaining injuries during Muay Thai training.

Work on your strength and conditioning

Another essential tip for getting good at Thai Boxing faster is to work on your strength and conditioning. If you want to be a successful Muay Thai fighter, you have to train like one. Strength and conditioning is a crucial part of a fighters schedule.

It’s not enough to just work on your Muay Thai technique, but you also need to get stronger and faster. Every high-level fighter does strength and conditioning to improve their athletic performance.

Some strength and conditioning training methods include:

  • Running.
  • Strength training.
  • Crossfit.
  • HIIT training.
  • Plyometrics.
  • Circuit training.
  • Muay Thai pad work.

If you’re looking to improve your athletic performance, you should consider hiring a Muay Thai strength and conditioning coach.

Focus on your nutrition

how to progress faster in muay thai

If you want to be a world-class Nak Muay, you have to eat like a fighter. 

Top Muay Thai athletes fuel their pay bodies with clean, nutritious food to optimize their Muay Thai training.

The list below won’t push any specific diet plan, but here are some simple tips for improving your nutrition:

  • Drink more water: Hydration is critical to train optimally. Ensure that you drink plenty of water every day to stay hydrated.
  • Eat more protein: Be sure to consume a high protein diet so you can repair your muscles after training. 
  • Fruit & Veg: Eat a varied diet high in fruit and vegetables to ensure you’re consuming enough vitamins and minerals.
  • Supplementation: Consider supplementation to address any micronutrient deficiencies with supplementation.

Focus on your Muay Thai recovery

Recovery is often the most overlooked aspect of a Muay Thai fighters training.

Your recovery outside of training is just as important as your training itself. It’s something that many Muay Thai fighters take for granted and is the main thing that holds them back from improving.

Muay Thai is a demanding sport that takes a lot out of your body. If you don’t get enough rest in-between training sessions, your performance will suffer as a consequence.

Muay Thai fighters need to make recovery and sleep a crucial part of their training routine. Focus on getting a minimum of eight hours of sleep a night, eat properly and rest your body when it’s fatigued. 

Listen to your body. If you feel like your body is too tired to train, take the day off. You’ll get a lot more out of your training and will be at a lower risk of sustaining an injury.

How To Get Good At Muay Thai?

These eight tips will help you improve your Muay Thai skills faster.

Thai Boxing is a physically and mentally demanding sport. In order to progress, you must be committed, train hard, optimize your recovery and listen to your coaches.

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