The Ultimate Guide To Your First Boxing Class

So you’re going to attend your first boxing class and have finally decided to take the leap. You’re about to take part in a sport that can have dozens of benefits to your life. Although your first boxing class will be a daunting experience, it’s definitely one you’re going to enjoy.

Boxing is a physically and mentally demanding sport. When attending your first boxing class, you’re going to feel a mix of emotions, from being nervous to excited. This is entirely normal

This guide is for you if you’re apprehensive and don’t know what to expect in your first boxing session.

This article looks at everything you need to know about your first boxing class. We’ll take you through the format of a typical class. Then we’ll give you our eight valuable tips on how to survive your first boxing class.

What To Expect From Your First Boxing Class

first boxing class

Boxing is one of the most challenging sports in the world, so your first boxing class might be pretty tough.

Even if you come from another martial art, such as karate, you will still find your first boxing class challenging as the techniques are entirely different.

Below we will discuss the typical format and what to expect from your first boxing class.

Introduction To The Boxing Gym

When you first step inside the boxing gym, the person behind the desk will take you on a tour of the gym. You’ll learn the location of the bathrooms and where to get changed. Then you’ll get to know the rules of the gym.

The coach or gym owner will probably have a short conversation with you about your motivations to join the gym. It will enable the boxing gym to determine your goals and get to know you better. After that, it will be time to change your clothes and get ready for your first boxing class.

Boxing Warm-Up

Boxing is a physically demanding sport, which means you must prepare every part of your body for the upcoming activity. The warm-up is an opportunity for you to warm up your body and focus your mind at the start of a training session.

Boxing warm-ups will vary from gym to gym. Typically, warm-ups consist of two parts. 

The first part is jumping rope, also known as skipping. Boxers will usually jump rope (skip) at the start of a boxing session. Boxers jump rope (skip) because it benefits them in the ring. As well as improving a boxer’s footwork, jumping rope has many other benefits for endurance, coordination, and balance. 

After jumping rope to get warm and increase your heart rate, the second warm-up part is usually shadowboxing. Shadowboxing is a combat sport exercise in which a person throws punches at the air as though there is an opponent. Shadowboxing allows you to sharpen your boxing skills and prepare yourself for the grueling session to come.

Padwork, Bagwork & Technical Drilling

The next part of the session is the technical boxing work. This is the part of the class where you will learn the most. Pay close attention to the techniques your coach shows.

Depending on the gym and class structure, you could be doing a combination of training methods, including pad work, bag work, or partner drills in your first boxing class.

Alternatively, your first boxing class might consist of solo drills focusing on the basics. It depends on your experience level and instructor.

Sparring & Live Boxing Drills

Even if you have previous boxing experience, your coach needs to analyze your skill level and get to know you before letting you spar in their ring.

If your coach notices that you have a striking background, they might let you participate in sparring during your first class.

You won’t be allowed to spar until you know the basics of boxing. Usually, it takes a beginner around a month or so of consistent training for your coach to allow you to spar. 

Even then, sparring will be controlled and technical. Nobody should be getting hurt as a beginner during boxing training.


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8 Tips To Survive Your First Boxing Class

first boxing class

Below are our pieces of advice to help you survive your first boxing class. Try to implement these eight tips, and you might enjoy your first few hours in a boxing gym.

Introduce Yourself To Everyone

It’s essential to shake hands and get to know every member of your boxing gym. It’s a sign of politeness and respect. 

You’ll spend a lot of time in the boxing gym, so it’s essential to build close relationships and get to know your training partners. Ultimately, when you box competitively, your training partners will be there helping and supporting you during your fight camp.

Listen To Your Boxing Instructor

You’re here to learn and follow your coach’s instructions. Your coach is the leader in the gym. Be ready to listen and implement their instructions.

The coach is taking the boxing class for a reason, and their rules must be followed. Get ready to be disciplined, respectful, and for some order in your life, at least when you train in a boxing gym.

Shadowboxing & Jumping Rope

Shadowboxing and jumping rope (skipping) are two aspects of boxing training that most people are unfamiliar with. Both exercises can feel unnatural and take some time to get used to performing.

Before your first boxing class, spend some time learning how to jump rope and shadowbox. Doing this can put you at an advantage and, most importantly, boost your confidence when walking into an unfamiliar environment.

Practice makes perfect.

Leave Your Ego At The Door

Even if you are an experienced boxer, and know some areas of boxing better than your coach, forget that when the boxing session starts.

Suppose your coach tells you to throw a jab or work on a combination that doesn’t suit your style, do it as they will be showing you for a reason. Fighters who have a growth mindset are often the most successful boxers.

Be Patient In Boxing

first boxing class

Don’t get disgruntled if you can’t perform the techniques your coach teaches the first time. It takes years to master boxing. You can’t learn overnight.

Remember, you must practice a technique around ten thousand times to perfect it. Giving up after a lesson or two means you picked the wrong combat sport.

Your first boxing class is just an introduction, don’t expect too much, and stay persistent!

Wear Loose Fitted Clothing

Loose-fitted clothing is suitable because it lets you move around the ring and throw punches unrestricted. Clothing that’s too tight can hinder your athletic performance. It can irritate you during your training session, causing you to not learn the technique correctly.

If you’re looking to buy your own boxing equipment, you should consider purchasing a pair of boxing gloves, boxing boots, and boxing shorts.

Better quality boxing equipment leads to greater athletic performance in your first boxing class.

Don’t Ignore Personal Hygiene

Shower before your first boxing session if you’re training boxing after a hard day at work. Personal hygiene is non-negotiable.

Always have a shower after the boxing training session, don’t make excuses. 

Don’t forget to take your boxing equipment out of your bag when you get home to clean it. Smelly, unhygienic boxing equipment will annoy your sparring partners, and you may notice them avoiding you in the gym.

Focus On Technique Before Power

Focus on technique over power. Don’t always throw punches using all of your strength.

There are two crucial reasons why you should focus on technique over power. The first is that you might not learn the proper mechanics of a punch. Another apparent reason to control your power is to reduce the risk of injuring your training partner

It’s better to drill the technique slowly but correctly. Speed is good in a boxing fight, but you should first focus on learning the mechanics of a punch correctly.

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Final word of advice

Boxing is an exciting sport that offers numerous benefits to people’s everyday lives. The sport is addictive, you can quickly gain a passion for it, and you’ll want to be in the gym training every day.

If you follow the advice in this article, your first boxing class can be the start of years of boxing training in your future. Ultimately, you’ll be a healthier and happier person than you were before you started boxing.

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