Dang Muay Thai Gym Review

Dang Muay Thai is a traditional Muay Thai gym located in Chaing Mai, in the north of Thailand. The gym has exploded in popularity over the past few years due to its prime location, positive reviews and friendly vibe that welcomes both beginners and experienced fighters.

In this article, I review my time at Dang Muay Thai gym. I spent a month training at Dang, where I had a combination of group classes and personal sessions. 

Let’s dive into it.

Dang Muay Thai Gym Location 

Dang Muay Thai Gym is located in a prime location opposite Suan Dok Gate in the heart of Chiang Mai’s old town. 

What I like about its location is how accessible it is from both Chiang Mai’s old town and the popular Nimmanhaemin neighbourhood where I was living.

I personally drove a scooter there, but due to its central location, lots of my training partners would walk, run or cycle there from all over the city.

The gym’s location is one of the primary reasons why Dang is so popular with tourists, travellers and expats alike. 

Dang Muay Thai Gym Facilities 

Dang Muay Thai Gym spans an expansive area of 9000 square feet and contains all the facilities needed in a modern Muay Thai gym. The gym has toilet and shower facilities and offers free water and bananas after training.

It’s also worth shouting out the cleanliness of Dang Gym. During my time there, the place was always clean, and unlike some gyms I’ve trained at in the south of Thailand, no skin infections were going around.

Regarding training facilities and equipment, Dang Muay Thai gym has a large padded training area containing Muay Thai bags, a giant boxing ring and plenty of space for pad work.

You can also borrow hand wraps, gloves and shin guards, although I recommend you get your own when possible.

Training at Dang Muay Thai Gym

During my month of training at Dang Muay Thai gym, I had a combination of private and group lessons at different times of the day (I experienced it all). Both group and private classes would loosely follow a similar structure every time. 

Group Muay Thai Classes

Group Muay Thai glasses would start with stretching, followed by skipping and fitness exercises to warm up properly. After the warm-up, we would focus on technique before technical sparring and clinching with people of a similar level. We would then work on the bags or get beasted during pad work before stretching to cool down.

Private Muay Thai Classes

The private classes follow a similar format to group classes, except that classes are an hour instead of an hour and a half, and partner drills and sparring are done with your coach for the day.

Dang Muay Thai Training Vibe 

Overall, I love the training vibe at Dang Muay Thai.

All the trainers are friendly, the technique is clear and concise, and they push you to your limits during every class.

Whilst the gym does have a stable of both farang and Thai fighters, they welcome people of all experience levels and match the level of technique and intensity to each individual.

How Much Does It Cost To Train at Dang Muay Thai Gym?

The cost of training was extremely reasonable compared to some of the other gyms I experienced in Chiang Mai. 

A single group class and Dang Muay Thai cost 350 baht. The gym offers a discount for buying a pack of 10 single sessions or unlimited monthly training.

Dang Muay Thai Gym Group Class Price

Private sessions cost 550 baht per session and offer discounts when you buy class packs of multiple sessions.

Dang Muay Thai Gym Private Class Price

Overall, the cost is fantastic compared to the level of training you get at Dang Muay Thai. Due to the popularity of the gym and the pricing of other gyms in the area, I expect that they will put up their prices in the near future. 

What’s The Verdict? 

Dang Muay Thai Gym is one of my favourite gyms I have ever trained at. The location is accessible from Chiang Mai’s old town and Nimmanhaemin, the facilities are fantastic, the training is high quality, and the gym has a welcoming and friendly vibe.

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