Boxing in London Guide – 10 Best Boxing Gyms in London

London is home to hundreds of boxing gyms. In recent years, boxing has become a popular form of exercise. Boxing gyms in London cater to people from all walks of life; from professional fighters to mums trying to lose weight.

In this boxing in London guide, we discuss 10 of the best boxing gyms in London, and the factors you should consider when choosing a boxing gym.


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Repton Boxing Gym

Repton boxing gym london

Repton Boxing Club was established in 1884 by Repton Public School. Located in Bethnal Green, Repton boxing gym was founded to give direction and support to local men in the area.

Over the years Repton Boxing Club has become a pillar of the community in Bethnal Green.

Reptons boxing team is one of the strongest in the country. The gym has produced over 500 national champions. Famous fighters who boxed for Repton include Maurice Hope, John Stracey, Darren Barker and Audley Harrison

What we like about Repton Boxing Gym:

  • One of the most established gyms in the UK
  • Repton has produced over 500 national champions
  • The gym is for serious & competitive amateur boxing

Repton is a gym for competitive boxers who are committed to compete in amateur boxing. The gym doesn’t cater to people who are just looking to stay fit and have fun.

Repton is undoubtedly one of the best boxing gyms in London.

Check out the contact details for Repton below.


Location: 116 Cheshire St, Bethnal Green, E2 6EG


Islington Boxing Club

islington boxing gym london

Islington Boxing Club was founded in 1974 as Kings Cross Amateur Boxing Club.

The gym provides both competitive and recreational boxing classes. The gym teaches young people focus, discipline and respect.

What we like about Islington Boxing Club:

  • Islington Boxing Club welcomes both competitive & recreational boxers
  • The gym has a strong competition team
  • The gym takes part in community outreach programs

Islington Boxing Club gives back to the local community via their community outreach programs.

The gym caters to both boxers looking to compete and hobbyists looking to stay fit.

If you’re looking for an established boxing gym in London, check out Islington Boxing Club below.


Location: 20 Hazellville Road, N19 3LP


Miguels Boxing & Fitness Gym

Miguels Boxing & Fitness Gym (1)

Miguel’s Boxing Gym was established in 1999 and is located in the heart of Brixton, South London.

Miguel’s Boxing Gym has been producing ABA champions and national amateur champions for over 25 years. Their competition classes are exclusively for carded boxers.

What we like about Miguels Boxing & Fitness Gym:

  • The gym is located in the heart of Brixton
  • Miguel’s offers morning, afternoon and evening classes
  • The gym welcomes both competitive fighters & recreational boxers

Miguel’s Boxing Gym offers 1-2-1 training, women’s boxing classes, amateur boxing and white collar boxing.

If you’re looking to start boxing in London, check out Miguel’s Boxing Gym below.


Location: 261 Hardess St, Brixton, SE24 0HN


KO Boxing Gym

Ko Boxing & Fitness Gym

KO Boxing gym is part of the iconic KO Combat Academy. The gym was founded in 1976, by Bill Judd.

KO Boxing Gym offer introductory classes, fitness classes and classes for boxers looking to compete in amateur boxing.

KO Boxing is not a commercial fitness gym. They teach authentic boxing training for people serious about learning the art.

What we like about KO Boxing Gym:

  • World-class boxing gym
  • KO Boxing is open to all experience levels
  • The gym also offers muay thai & MMA classes

KO Boxing gym is one of the most established martial arts gyms in the UK. The gym has produced champions in muay thai, MMA and boxing.

KO Boxing is not just a gym, it’s part of the local community in Bethnal Green. The gym welcomes fighters of all experience levels.

If you’re looking to learn traditional boxing in London, check out KO Boxing Gym below.


Location: 187 Bancroft Rd, E14ET


Peacock Boxing Gym

Peacock Boxing Gym

The Peacock Gym is considered one of London’s best community boxing gyms. The gym was founded in 1978 and has been home to the likes of Lennox Lewis and Frank Bruno.

The Peacock Gym is one of the most well-established boxing gyms in London. The gym offers several classes including white-collar boxing, kickboxing and competitive boxing.

What we like about The Peacock Boxing Gym:

  • Peacock gym is one of the most successful boxing gyms in London
  • The gym offers world-class training
  • The gym offers both competitive and white-collar boxing

The Peacock gym has become an East End landmark. The gym is a pillar of the local community and helps inspire young people to learn business and entrepreneurial skills.

For more information on training and the history of The Peacock Gym check them out below.


Location: Peacock House, Caxton Street, E16 1JL


Fitzroy Lodge Boxing Club

fitzroy lodge boxing club

Fitzroy Lodge is one of the oldest boxing gyms in London. The gym was founded in 1910 and has produced many regional and national amateur boxing champions.

Over the years, Fitzroy Lodge has produced several world-class boxers including Dave Charnley, Cornelius Boza-Edwards and David Haye.

The primary focus of Fitzroy Lodge ABC is their competitive boxers. The gym provides a safe environment for competitive fighters to train and compete at the highest level of amateur boxing.

The gym also welcomes recreational boxers, youth groups and people looking to get fit.

What we like about Fitzroy Lodge Boxing Club:

  • Fitzroy Lodge has produced many national champions
  • The gym works closely with Carney’s Community Charity
  • One of the longest-established boxing gyms in London

Fitzroy Lodge Boxing Club is a non-profit community boxing gym. The gym is run by volunteers and supported by donations and members fees.

Fitzroy Lodge ABC works closely with Carney’s Community Charity. The charity provides 1-2-1 mentoring for young victims of violence and crime.

If you’re looking to join a historic boxing gym in London, check out Fitzroy Lodge ABC below.


Location: The Arches, 180 Lambeth Road, SE1 7JY


Left Hook Boxing Club

Left Hook Boxing Club

Left Hook Boxing Club was established in 1992 by boxers Enzo Giordano and Oner Avara. The gym is located in Shadwell, East London.

Left Hook Boxing Club provides quality boxing training for everyone; both competitive boxers and recreational boxers looking to stay fit.

What we like about Left Hook Boxing Club:

  • Left Hook welcomes both hobbyists & competitive fighters
  • Traditional & authentic boxing training
  • Left Hook is a no-frills boxing gym

Although Left Hook Boxing Club was founded with competitive boxing in mind. The gym was opened to make boxing accessible to all, regardless of age, background or gender.

Check out Left Hook Boxing Club below.


Location: 1 Martha Street, Shadwell, E1 2PX


North London Boxing Club

North London Boxing Club

North London Boxing Club was established in 2011 by boxing trainer and former professional Sedat Sag. The gym has recently moved from its original Wood Green location to Southgate, North London.

What we like about North London Boxing Club:

  • The gym has an inclusive & friendly atmosphere
  • Traditional community boxing gym
  • They welcome people of all experience levels

North London Boxing Club offers boxing classes that cater for people of all experience levels. They offer classes in amateur boxing, white-collar boxing, women and children’s boxing.

Check out North London Boxing Club below.


Location: 4-6 Station Parade, Southgate, N14 5BJ


12 Rounds Boxing Gym

12 Rounds Boxing Gym

12 Rounds Boxing Gym is located in Clapham Junction, Southwest London. The gym was founded by Kat Bryson, who strives to create a boxing community for people looking for a fun alternative to the traditional gym.

What we like about 12 Rounds Boxing Gym:

  • 12 Rounds is a female-owned boxing gym
  • Friendly & inclusive atmosphere
  • The gym caters towards recreational boxers

12 Rounds Boxing Gym caters more towards recreational boxers looking to achieve the health & fitness benefits of boxing. The gym makes boxing fun and helps members progress in both their fitness goals and boxing technique.

Check out 12 Rounds Boxing Gym below.


Location: 1A St John’s Hill, SW11 1TB


Stonebridge Boxing Club

Stonebridge Boxing Club

Stonebridge Boxing Club was founded in 2010 and has rapidly established itself as a gym for developing skilled boxers. The gym is located near Wembley Stadium, North West London.

In recent years, SBC has found success producing a stable of young boxing prospects.

The gym caters to people of all experience levels; from competitive fighters to recreational boxers.

What we like about Stonebridge Boxing Club:

  • SBC caters to both recreational & competitive fighters
  • The gym has become a pillar of the local community
  • SBC offers high-quality boxing training

Along-side their success in the ring Stonebridge Boxing Club is on a mission to give back to the local community. The gym serves the local community by providing inspiration, motivation and guidance for people in the community.

Check out the timetable for Stonebridge Boxing Club below if you’re looking to train boxing in North West London.


Location: 388 High Rd, Wembley, HA9 6AR


How To Pick A Boxing Gym In London

When choosing a boxing gym in London, there are several factors you should consider.

Boxing Experience

You should consider your experience level when picking a boxing gym in London.

If you’re an experienced boxer, it makes sense for you to join a boxing gym that has a squad of competitive fighters.

On the other hand, if you’re a complete beginner, you should pick a gym that offers beginner classes.

Types Of Boxing Gyms In London

There are several types of boxing gyms in London.

These include:

  • Professional boxing gyms
  • Amateur boxing gyms
  • White-collar boxing gyms
  • Fitness boxing gyms
  • MMA gyms

The type of boxing gym that you pick should reflect your goals.

If your goal is to fight in the Olympics, you should join a Sport England affiliated amateur boxing gym.

For people just looking to stay fit using boxing, you should look for a fitness gym that offers boxing classes.


When it comes to joining a boxing gym in London, you should consider the location.

Factors you should consider:

  • Cost to get to training
  • Distance from work/home/school
  • Travel time
  • Public transport

You should consider the above factors when choosing a boxing gym in London. To make sure you show up consistently, we suggest picking a gym within a 30-minute commute.

Try Before You Join

Before committing to one boxing gym in London, you should try out a few different clubs.

Boxing in London FAQ

best Boxing gyms in London

How long until I Should have my first Boxing bout?

A question often asked by beginners is when to have your first boxing bout.

Ultimately, the decision is down to your trainer.

There are some things your trainer will look at:

  • Your fitness level
  • Your weight class
  • Technical Ability
  • Commitment to training
  • Your character outside of the gym

If you want to train for your first boxing fight follow three simple steps; train hard, train often and listen to your trainer.

How Much Does it Cost To Train Boxing in London?

The price of training boxing in London will vary depending on several factors.

These include:

  • The location of the gym
  • The facilities on offer
  • Number of classes per week
  • Trainers at the gym
  • Amature gym or professional gym

You should expect to pay between £30 – £100 per month for boxing in London.

Where can I watch Boxing in London?

There are weekly boxing shows in London that feature both amateur and professional fighters.

You should look out for boxing shows at York Hall, as-well-as large boxing shows in London.

What Equipment Do I Need For Boxing?

If you’re new to boxing we recommend:

When it comes to buying boxing equipment, you have two options. You can order boxing equipment online, or buy it from a sports shop.

What Does A Boxing Class in London Consist of?

Although the format of a boxing class in London will vary, they often follow a similar structure.

Classes typically consist of skipping, shadowboxing and a warm-up. After that, you will drill techniques on the pads, the bag or with a partner. Finally, more experienced fighters will spar towards the end of training.

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What Boxing Gym In London Should You Pick?

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a boxing gym in London. The most important thing is that you learn good technique and enjoy your boxing training.

You should always try a few different boxing gyms before committing to one.

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