Best Muay Thai Pads

Muay Thai Pads are essential for Muay Thai training.

Muay Thai Pads allows fighters to practice throwing powerful strikes against a partner. They also allow you to target a moving opponent with strikes, who is imitating a potential opponent, as well as threatening with blows of their own.

In this article, we have put together a list of the best Muay Thai pads on the market. We break down each of our picks with details so that you can be confident when you whip out your wallet to make the purchase.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional Muay Thai fighter, you are going to want to check this article out.

But before we get started, let’s look at what factors you should consider when buying the best Muay Thai pads.

How to pick the best Muay Thai Pads?

Choosing the right pair of Muay Thai pads can be challenging. To help you choose, we will look at some common factors you should consider.

Muay Thai Brand Reputation

A companies reputation is everything. If a brand has a good reputation, its customers believe in its values, recognize them, and know that the brand will deliver as promised

Fairtex and Twins are both well-known, trusted Muay Thai brands. They have been around for years. These brands produce all of their gear in Thailand, the home of Muay Thai. 

Brand reputation will also determine the price. Reliable, trusted brands can charge a higher price, while less-established brands usually come in at a lower price point. 

Muay Thai Pad Material

There are several types of Muay Thai Pad materials to consider.

The more comfortable and durable a pair of Muay Thai Pads are, the more expensive of a material it probably is made from. Premium Muay Thai Pads will likely be genuine leather instead of cheaper artificial materials.

If leather is out of your budget, artificial materials are much better quality these days, so that’s not a problem!

Price/Value For Money

No matter your budget, it’s helpful to spend time researching Muay Thai Pads to ensure you are getting the best quality product on the market. As with anything else, you want the best bang for your buck.

That is why you are here, right? 

It’s important to know what you’re getting for your money so you can make an informed decision


High-quality Muay Thai pads that are built to last are worth the initial investment.

Premium Muay Thai Pads offer more protection and last longer than cheaper alternatives.

We recommend that you should buy the best-quality pads that you can afford on your budget.

Thai Pads vs Focus Mits

Thai pads are commonly used in Muay Thai and kickboxing, whilst focus mitts are more specific to Boxing training.

Below are the benefits of using both Thai Pads and focus mitts.

Thai Pads

  • Thai pads have thick padding. This distributes the force of kicks evenly along the pads.
  • Thai pads have a large surface area makes if easier to throw kicks.
  • Thai pads usually have two adjustable straps per pad, making them secure and easy to hold.

Focus Mits

  • The smaller size of focus mitts helps fighters to develop their accuracy.
  • Focus mitts are easy to control and hold as they are lightweight.

If you’re throwing kicks, it’s essential to use Thai pads as they have a larger surface area and protect the pad holder. Thai Pads can also be used when you are practising your Boxing skills.

Thai Pads VS Heavy Bag

Muay Thai pads help you can get the most out of your training sessions.

Unlike a stationary punching bag, you can move freely with your pad-holder to focus on punches, knee strikes, elbow throws, and more. 

Pad holders will stand in a Muay Thai stance, throw strikes for you to defend and imitate an opponent in the ring.

Best Muay Thai Pads

Below we will look at our favourite Muay Thai Pads currently available on the market.

Let’s dive in.

RDX Muay Thai Pads

Established in Manchester, England in 1999, RDX has grown exponentially over the years, now boasting over 200 million customers across the globe. The brand focuses all of its energy on you – the fighter, from your struggles to your triumphs and everything in between.

RDX is well-known for its affordable, quality Muay Thai gear. The brand has a reputation for making innovative, technologically sound equipment that won’t break the bank.


  • Made from Maya Hide Leather, these pads resist the wear and tear that Muay Thai threatens to bring. 
  • IMT gel foam padding evenly dispenses the impact from the hardest of blows across the entire pad.
  • A solid handle means a solid grip. The pad holder is protected with a heavily reinforced grip that stays securely in place on the forearms. 
  • The pads are extremely durable thanks to seams with resilient triple reinforced stitching.
  • A Quick-EZ hook and loop is secure, comfortable, and supportive of the wrist.

What We Like About RDX Muay Thai Pads

There’s a reason RDX tops our list of the best Muay Thai pads. They are a solid choice for every level of fighter, from those just starting Muay Thai to those who have been fighting for years.

We can say this with confidence because these RDX pads are made to withstand tough sessions. We’re talking about powerful roundhouse kicks and insane hooks; these pads can handle it all.

Fairtex Muay Thai Pads

Fairtex is one of the most recognized brands among enthusiasts of Muay Thai across the globe. Founded in 1958 in Bangkok, Fairtex has built its superb reputation by designing and manufacturing exceptional fight gear.


  • Made from durable leather, these pads are lightweight and stylish.
  • A curved design makes training sessions safer and more effective.
  • A reinforced riveted handle and two forearm support straps ensure the pad stays in place. The pad is stable, balanced, and in control.

What We Like About the Fairtex Curved MMA Muay Thai Pads

Fairtex has a great reputation, as they should. The brand offers premium training gear and equipment that defies the competition. These curved MMA Muay Thai Pads are incredibly durable with an outstanding design, further proving that Fairtex is a brand that’s hard to beat.

Take Fairtex’s craftsmanship, for example. The seams in these pads show the meticulous work that goes into the company’s products. They are incredibly light while being dense, so the pad holder can endure long-lasting training sessions because of the pads’ ability to absorb the shock of each and every kick, strike, or punch.

RDX MMA Thai Pads 

RDX is so good, they’ve made our list twice. If you recall, this British brand manufactures a pad that tops our list of the best Muay Thai pads. They’ve got another great option, and it’s definitely worth a look.


  • Premium ConvEX skin leather material offers exceptional protection. Although the inner padding is dense, it’s incredibly lightweight.
  • Foam padding offers maximum force absorption so your pad holder can endure blow after blow.
  • This pad is durable. It’s resistant to cracks, splits, and tears due to reinforced stitching. It will last years.

What We Like About the RDX Muay Thai Pad

We love that this RDX Muay Thai Pad has high-quality padding which will absorb hard strikes. We trust RDX and know that they will deliver – and they do with their striking pads.

Sanabul Muay Thai Pads

Sanabul leads the industry using next-gen materials to breathe new life into traditional fight gear. 

Founded in 2014, Sanabul’s core beliefs revolve around the fact that martial arts have the ability to help heal the mind and the body.

Sanabul’s products reflect this belief and offer practitioners of Muay Thai superior products to help fulfil the idea that MMA can change a person for the better. We’ll show you how by listing the features of our next best product: Sanabul’s Muay Thai Kickboxing Pads.


  • The cast-iron style finish shows off just how durable these pads are. They will stand up to every punch, strike, and kick you can throw their way.
  • The San-Air Ultra Light foam is a game-changer. Because these pads weigh in at just 1.5 pounds, your pad handler will be able to endure the lengthiest of training sessions. 
  • These pads come with a modern velcro loop closure system, but have a classic look and feel thanks to the fact that they are manufactured from engineered leather. 
  • Sanabul won’t let a product hit the market until professionals test it out and can prove it can stand up to the most intense training sessions. You know these pads are going to work for you if they work for the pros.

What We Like About Sanabul Muay Thai Pads

We love that Sanabul is willing to put it all on the line. They test out their products by putting them into the hands of professionals. If it doesn’t pass the test, it doesn’t hit the market.

Elite Sports Muay Thai Pads

Elite Sports provides Muay Thai fighters with stylish, affordable gear that’s made from premium materials. They have implemented innovative technology and creative design to produce some of the best fight gear on the market. 

When you “Embrace the Pain,” as Elite Sports says, you can do so in gear that will make it hurt just a little less, which means you can enjoy it that much more.


  • A quad-layer curved surface offers exceptional shock absorbency. Made from Nylex Leather, the pad is both lightweight and stylish.
  • The reinforced handle means the pad holder has a secure, comfortable grip. 
  • The pad is easy to maintain. Just wipe it down after every sweaty session and it will be ready to go for next time. 
  • Two adjustable hook ; loop straps ensure the shield fits the pad handler properly. It’s both secure and comfortable.

What We Like About Elite Sports Muay Thai Pads

Elite Sports entered the market with the goal of providing expertly designed, quality products at a reasonable price. 

And boy did they make it work, especially with their Muay Thai kickboxing pads. Elite Sports combined their incredible knack for detail with their ability to figure out how to make products last to create a line of exceptional fight gear.

Meister XP2 Thai Pads

Established in 2006, Meister is continuously refining the art of manufacturing MMA gear.  The Oregon-based company is so confident that they guarantee you will be satisfied with their products. 


  • Just a slight curve in these pads offers optimal protection from every kind of strike. 
  • A 4.5″ power center target that’ reinforced to ensure durability
  • Made by hand using premium leather hide, Meister XP2 pads are durable, lightweight, and not bad to look at. 
  • A reinforced leather handle and padded forearm straps offer the pad holder comfort and security.

What We Like About the Meister XP2 Professional Curved Thai Pads

Over the last 15 years, Meister established a reputation for producing premium martial arts equipment. The result is a pair of Muay Thai pads that are both durable and stylish.

MaxxMMA MMA Thai Pad

The people behind MaxxMMA have years of experience in product design and manufacturing, so they took their knowledge of that and applied it to the world of MMA. The result is competitively-priced gear that is high-performing.


  • Made with dense, thick foam, the padding in this pad offers great shock absorbency.
  • A reinforced handle with two velcro straps means a secure, tight, and comfortable fit for the pad holder.
  • Come in singles (not sold in a set of two)

What We Like About the MaxMMA Thai Pads

While a bit smaller than other pads, this guy can pack a punch (no pun intended). The folks at MaxMMA made sure to create striking pads that are comfortable but secure.

Contender Muay Thai Pads

Contender Fights Sports offers premium gear for Muay Thai practitioners. The company prides itself on excellent design that’s both affordable and durable.


  • These pads are constructed from durable, affordable vinyl that’s not only long-lasting but also incredibly easy to clean. Goodbye, sweat.
  • A riveted handle and two hook and loop straps mean the fighter and pad holder can work together safely for long periods of time.

What We Like About Contender Muay Thai Pads

These Contender pads last kick after kick, jab after jab. We love the brand for this because we love training at home with products that won’t fall apart after a couple of uses.

Muay Thai Pads FAQ’s

best muay thai pads

What is the best brand of Muay Thai Pads?

We recommend buying Muay Thai pads from established Thai brands. You can’t go wrong with the likes of Fairtex, Twins, Windy, Yokkao and Top King. International brands such as Sanabul and RDX also produce high-quality Muay Thai gear.

How much do Muay Thai pads cost?

The price of Muay Thai pads will vary depending on several factors.

These include:

  • Muay Thai pad material.
  • The reputation of the brand.
  • Where the Muay Thai pads are manufactured.

In general, you should expect to put between $80 – $150 for a high-quality pair of Muay Thai pads.

How do you clean Muay Thai pads?

NEVER put your Muay Thai pads in the washing machine.

There are some things you can do to keep your Muay Thai pads fresh and clean.

These include:

  • Immediately cleaning the sweat off your pads after training to stop bacteria from growing.
  • Air out your Muay Thai pads after use.
  • Use an anti-bacterial spray to clean your Muay Thai pads.

What is the best material for Muay Thai pads?

We believe leather Muay Thai pads offer the best quality and durability. If for personal reasons you don’t buy leather, then synthetic pads are a good alternative.

In recent years, the quality of artificial leather has improved drastically.

How long should Muay Thai pads last?

The length of time your Muay Thai pads will last will vary depending on the quality of pads and how often you train.

In general, a premium pair of striking pads should last more than two years.

Final Thoughts: What Are The Best Muay Thai Gloves

Muay Thai pads are one of the most essential pieces of equipment. They allow fighters to practice throwing powerful strikes against a partner, who is imitating a potential opponent, as well as threatening with blows of their own.

Your Muay Thai training sessions are not complete unless you are incorporating regular pad work.

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