Best Muay Thai Kick Shields

Muay Thai kick shields are an awesome addition to your training bag. Kick shields are perfect for training your low kicks and power shots as they can be held against the legs.

They offer more protection than traditional Muay Thai pads and are designed to absorb heavy strikes during training. 

In this article, we will look at the Best Muay Thai Kick Shields on the market. 


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RDX Strike Shield

The RDX Strike Shield is a fantastic option by a brand that has been leading the martial arts equipment scene since the company started in Manchester, England, in 1999. The brand has designed the kick shield with Maya Hide Leather to cushion your shins, with added gel-lined foam padding to minimize the shock. The kick shield includes many features and specs, such as

  • IMT gel padding 
  • DenZo-Tron foam padding
  • Nylon 3 reinforced handles 
  • Sponge X padding 
  • Fortified stitching 

We love how the kick shield is exceptionally lightweight and won’t affect your movement during training. Also, the kick shield has air vents on both sides to offer extra comfort. We also love how the kick shield has incorporated the latest technology to provide the ultimate user experience. 

Ring To Cage Kick Shield

The Ring to Cage Kick Shield is a fantastic all-around martial art kick shield from the popular brand Ring to Cage. This kick shield offers users a multi-layered foam padding that the brand has designed for heavy hitters, so you won’t have to worry about leg damage.

Furthermore, the kick shield has durable nylon straps with triple stitching to ensure long-lasting performance. The kick shield has excellent features, such as

  • Multi-layered foam padding
  • Nylon straps 
  • Curved design for an increased strike and kicking variety 
  • 26” tall x 17” wide x 6” thick 

We love how the product offers extremely durable padding, and the padding is multi-layered to provide extra comfort and shock absorption. Also, we like the product’s durability and the extra care that the manufacturer has taken to ensure long-lasting performance.

Combat Sports Kick Shield

Combat sports are a popular MMA brand that offers a wide variety of martial art equipment, and this kick shield has an excellent array of features making it one of the Best Muay Thai Kick Shields on the market.

The kick shield has a secured grip to ensure easy movement and good performance. Combat sports have made the kick shield from durable and comfortable leather, and the leather is effortless to clean. The product has some incredible specifications, including 

  • 24” tall x 14” wide x 4.5” thick 
  • Only 3.5 lbs in weight, very easy to carry 
  • Three rear and two side nylon webbed foam-padded handles. 
  • Synthetic leather for extra shock absorption 

We love this kick shield’s versatility because it is lightweight, has webbed foam, and a secured grip for easy movement, making it a very comfortable and effective kick shield.

In particular, we love how durable the kick shield is, making it ideal for straight-line attacks such as strikes, punches, and elbows. 

Mytra Fusion Kick Shield

Mytra Fusion is a British martial arts brand with an excellent array of products, and the Mytra Fusion Kick Shield is just another addition to their list. The kick shield provides users with reinforced grips that the brand designed for better power absorption.

Also, the kick shield includes top-quality construction that consists of premium synthetic leather and high-density foam for added protection and better performance. The excellent kick shield specifications include

  • A large surface area with plenty of space to strike 
  • A design that is great for distribution of impact 
  • A stylish & modern design 
  • Top-quality leather made to stand the test of time. 

We love the product’s versatility because it offers reinforced grips that you can strike from many different angles – fantastic for those looking for varied and diverse training sessions. Also, we adore the design, which is very user-friendly and built for maximum safety – making one of the list’s Best Muay Thai Kick Shields. 

Everlast Strike Shield

Everlast is one of the world’s top fitness brands and has been producing high-quality sports goods for many decades. The Everlast Strike Shield doesn’t disappoint because Everlast has built the kick shield with the highest-quality synthetic leather that’s durable, easy to clean, and will last for many years. The kick shield has some excellent specifications, such as

  • A large striking surface for multiple unique angles
  • A lightweight design for versatility
  • Durable design built to last for many years
  • High-density foam for added protection, performance, and durability.

We love the Everlast Strike Shield because Everlast is a highly-reputable brand and this kick shield offers a design that will help all fighters improve their performance. Also, the added high-density foam makes the kick shield more protective and comfortable for all parties. 

MaxxMMA Kick Shield

The MaxxMMA Kick Shield is an excellent option by a popular brand. It is a superb kick-shield for Muay-Thai, but also many other martial arts. The brand has built the kick shield with superb thick and dense foam padding, ideal for heavy absorption. Also, if you’re looking for durability, you’ll love the extra foam padding on the handles. The Muay Thai kick shield has some excellent specifications, including 

  • 25” tall x 15” wide x 6” thick 
  • Soft strike technology to ensure maximum safety 
  • Extra foam padding for heavy shock absorption 
  • A durable design to stand the test of time 

We love how MaxxMMA has built a product with thick, dense foam to enable confidence and safety during training. The extra foam padding on the handles also provides durability that the product can withstand heavy strikers and stand the test of time. 

Farabi Strike Shield

Farabi sports are a prevalent brand that makes a vast array of top-quality martial arts products. The Farabi Strike Shield is a prime example of their high-quality products. This kick shield includes a dual KXR-handle gripping system ideal for control and stability, offering the ultimate performance.

Also, the kick shield has an external classic hand-stitched CB-tech covering to provide extra durability and sturdiness. The product has an array of top specifications, including 

  • Raw T-QUAD angles and broader surface area
  • KDR-Safe tech design to provide extra safety and comfort
  • PX-fiber composition making the kick shield light-weight 
  • A durable design with hand-stitched coverings to last for many years. 

We love how the product has such a fantastic array of features and specifications, making it one of the list’s stand-out products. Moreover, the product is highly versatile, and you can use it for many different martial arts, making it one of the Best Muay Thai Kick Shields.

Kruzak Muay Thai Strike Shield

Kruzak is a top-quality brand offering top-class martial art training products – and the Kruzak Muay Thai Strike Shield hits the mark in many ways. The product is high-quality because of the synthetic leather and easy to clean design. Also, the product has thick and durable foam and to stand the test of time. The kick shield has a vast array of top specifications, such as

  • Extra wrist and arm support, including a hook and a loop for wrist support
  • A curved design to help hold the pads during training sessions 
  • Thick and dense foam for extra protection 
  • An array of synthetic leather that provides extra comfort and durability 

We love how Kruzak has made the product with extra attention to durability, including wrist and arm support to make the pads more comfortable to hold. The kick shield is versatile and easy to use, and we rate that a lot

Sanabul Forged Muay Thai Pads

We wanted to add our favourite pair of traditional Muay Thai pads to the list. Muay Thai pads are less restricted than kick shields and are a better option if you’re looking to combine different Muay Thai weapons.

Sanabul is an excellent brand that many UFC stars regularly use to train. The Sanabul Forged Muay Thai Pads offer fighters a premium strike pad. The pads have an ultra-light design with San-Air Ultra Light foam to provide maximum comfort during training.

Furthermore, Sanabul has designed the product with a throwback to traditional Thai-style, but with a modern velcro, loop closure system to provide the classic design with modern pads. The kick shield’s excellent specifications include

  • A design and style that the pros have tested
  • A 15” x 7.5” striking area that is perfect for Muay-Thai
  • An ultra-light design with modern technology 
  • Added durability to stand the test of time

We love how UFC legend Michael Bisping has tested and uses the product, and we love the ultra-light design of the pads. Sanabul has designed one of the Best Muay Thai Kick Shields on this list. 

Muay Thai Kick Shield FAQ’s

We’ve put together a list of common FAQ’s to help you pick your favourite Muay Thai kick shield.

What Are The Benefits of using a Muay Thai Kick Shield?

There are so many benefits of using a Muay Thai kick shield!

These include:

  • Practising Muay Thai power shots
  • Perfecting your low kicks
  • Working on movement and body-shot drills
  • They offer lots of protection for the pad-holder

Adding Muay Thai kick shield drills into your training is a great way to improve.

Leather VS Synthetic Leather?

Real leather equipment traditionally had the advantage of being more durable as well as being better at dealing with odours and moisture.

In recent years, newer synthetic materials has given leather a run for its money. This is due to improvements in quality and durability.

Also synthetic leather is better for the environment!

When it comes to buying a Muay Thai kick shield, focus on the overall quality rather than the material.

What Are The Best Muay Thai Brands?

In general, we prefer buying traditional Thai brands such as Twins and Fairtex.

There is a limited choice when it comes to kick shields, so we suggest checking out DRX or Sanabul.

How Can I Improve My Leg Kicks?

Leg kicks are a devastating Muay Thai weapon and have the ability to end fights.

The perfect leg kick requires a combination of timing, power and accuracy.

We recommend checking out this instructional to improve your leg kicks!


In conclusion, it is very challenging to find the best Muay Thai striking shield out of this excellent list. But, we love the curved Muay-Thai design of the RDX Strike Shield.

It is definitely a hard choice, but we hope this article helped you find the best kick shield for you. What is your favourite Muay Thai kick shield?

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