10 Best MMA Gyms In London

With dozens of MMA gyms in London, how do you decide what gym to pick?

The popularity of MMA has exploded over the last 15 years. Due to the growth of the UFC, MMA has even overtaken boxing in terms of popularity.

There are an increasing number of MMA gyms in London catering to both professional fighters and hobbyist martial artists.

In this article, we discuss the 10 Best MMA gyms in London for people looking to train MMA.

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London Fight Factory

LFF MMA gym in London

London Fight Factory is located a short walk from old street station. The gym offers classes in MMA, BJJ and several other martial arts.

What’s great about London Fight Factory is the amount of martial arts on offer and flexibility of the timetable. The MMA program at London Fight Factory caters to both hobbyists and professional fighters. Fighters at London Fight Factory regularly compete at regional and national martial arts events.

What we like about London Fight Factory

  • The gym offers classes in BJJ, MMA, Boxing, Thai Boxing and Wrestling
  • London Fight Factory offers morning classes
  • The gym has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere

London Fight Factory is one of the best MMA gyms in London. The gym has a world-class BJJ program and welcomes fighters of all levels; from hobbyists to professional fighters.

Check out London Fight Factorys recent timetable below.

Website: https://londonfightfactory.com/

Location: 19 Ebenezer St, Hoxton, N1 7LU

Email: info@londonfightfactory.com

London Shootfighters

Shootfighters MMA gym in London

London Shootfighters is one of the most successful MMA gyms in London. The gym is located in Wembley (North-West London). Shootfighters offers over 50 classes per week in MMA, BJJ, Striking and Wrestling.

Shootfighters have been training martial artists since it opened its doors in 1994.

Throughout the years Shootfighters have produced dozens of world-champions.

Notable fighters such as Jon Hathaway, Michael Page and Karlos Vemola have fought in some of the best organisations in the world including; Pride, Bellator and the UFC.

What we like about London Shootfighters

  • They regularly have fighters competing on high-level international MMA shows
  • Shootfighters is one of the most established gyms in London
  • The facilities are world-class

London shootfighters offer separate classes for beginner and professional fighters. With almost 30 years experience of teaching MMA in London, you can see why London Shootfighters is one of the best MMA gyms in the country.

Check out London Shootfighters below.

Website: https://londonshootfighters.com/

Location: Atlip Road, Wembley, HA0 4LU

Email: londonshoot@hotmail.com

Team Underground London

Team Underground MMA London

Team Underground is a MMA and Muay Thai gym in central London.

The gym has a stable of young prospects who are active on the UK circuit. Team Underground is also home to Muay Thai superstar Jonathan Haggerty.

What we like about Team Underground

  • Home to world-class fighters
  • Striking specialists

Team Underground is a gym that is perfect for martial artists looking to compete. The gym has a strong competition team that are active on the UK circuit.

Check out the timetable for Team Underground below.

Website: http://www.theteamunderground.com/

Location: 183 Old Kent Road, SE1 5NA

Email: Jon@Teamunderground.co.uk

KO Combat Academy

KO Combat Academy MMA

KO Combat Academy was founded by Kru Bill Jud in 1978. The gym is now located in Bethnal green.

KO Combat Academy offers a range of classes including Muay Thai, MMA, Boxing & Kickboxing.

The gym has a history of producing world-class fighters, and a reputation as one of the best Muay Thai gyms in the UK.

What we like about KO Combat Academy

  • World-class striking
  • Old School martial arts gym feel
  • Variety of martial arts on offer

What we love about KO Combat Academy is that it’s a proper fight gym. When you show up, you’re expected to train hard and give your all.

KO Combat Academy offers classes for fighters of all levels. To this day, the gym remains one of the most successful martial arts gyms in the UK.

Check out KO Combat Academy below.

Website: https://www.kocombatacademy.com/home

Location: 186 Bancroft Rd, E1 4ET

Email: info@kocombatacademy.com

Fight City Gym

Fight City MMA Gym in London

Fight City Gym has two facilities in London; Moorgate and Balham. The gym offers both fitness and martial arts classes and caters more towards beginners and hobbyists.

Martial arts taught at Fight City gym include MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai and Boxing.

What we like about Fight City Gym

  • The gym caters to people of all experience levels
  • Modern Facilities
  • Varied Timetable

What we like about Fight City Gym is the friendly vibe that the gym has. The gym has classes for martial artists of all experience levels and offers women and children’s classes.

Check out the most recent timetable for Fight City Gym below.

Website: https://fightcitygym.co.uk/

Location: Balham High Road, Balham, SW12 9AW

Email: info@fightcitygym.co.uk

Titan Fighters

Titan Fighter MMA gym in London

Team Titan is one of the most established MMA gyms in London. The North London gym was opened in 2004 by head coach Micky Papas.

Team Titan offers classes six days a week in MMA, Striking and Grappling.

Team Titan consistently produces high-level MMA fighters. Accomplished Team Titan fighters include Brad Pickett and Nathaniel Wood.

What we like about Titan Fighters

  • The gym has a strong stable of fighters
  • Competitive training environment

Team Titan is one of the best MMA gyms in London. The stable of accomplished fighters coming out of the gym speaks for itself.

Check out the timetable below.

Website: http://www.titanfighter.com/

Location: Orbital Business Park, Argon Rd, N18 3BW

Email: mickey_papas@hotmail.com

Diesel Gym London

MMA gyms in London

Diesel gym was founded in 2008 by martial artist Cliff Bura. The gym is located in the Royal Albert Docks next to the O2 arena.

Diesel Gym focuses on three areas; Muay Thai, MMA and 10th Planet BJJ.

10th Planet BJJ is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu system developed by Eddie Bravo. It is known for its unorthodox grappling style. They were one of the first associations to focus solely on No-Gi grappling.

What we like about Diesel Gym

  • 10th Planet BJJ affiliate
  • Chilled out & welcoming vibe
  • Muay Thai specialists

Diesel Gym welcomes people of all experience levels, from hobbyists to professional fighters.

The gym has made a name for itself for producing several elite-level strikers over the years, and is in the process of establishing itself as one of the best MMA gyms in London.

Check out Diesel Gym below.

Website: https://www.dieselgym.co.uk/

Location: Diesel Gym HQ, 1012 Dockside Road, E16 2QT

Email: cliff@dieselgym.co.uk

Fightzone London

Fightzone MMA gym in London London

Fightzone was established in 2012 by Marco Canha and James Roach. The gym is located in the heart of East London.

Fightzone offers a comprehensive timetable that runs six days per week. The gym offers classes in several martial arts including; BJJ, MMA, Muay Thai and Boxing.

What we like about Fightzone London

  • World-class BJJ program
  • Variety of martial arts
  • Friendly atmosphere

Fightzone has a world-class BJJ program. The gym has produced both European and World champions in BJJ.

Out of all the MMA gyms in London, Fightzone has one of the best atmospheres. The gym welcomes people of all experience levels, from beginners to professional fighters.

Check out Fightzones timetable below.

Website: https://www.fightzonelondon.co.uk/

Location: Pritchard’s Road, E2 9AP

Email: fightzonelondon@gmail.com

The MMA Clinic

MMA Clinic

The MMA clinic was founded by Cage Warriors president Graham Boylan. The gym is located in Angel Islington.

The MMA Clinic offers classes in multiple disciplines including BJJ, MMA, Boxing and Thai Boxing.

What we like about The MMA Clinic

  • Over 40 classes per week
  • Central London location
  • Welcomes complete beginners

The MMA Clinic provides an excellent training environment for martial artists of all experience levels.

Check out the latest timetable for The MMA Clinic below.

Website: https://themmaclinic.com/

Location: St Alban’s Pl, The Angel, N1 0NX

Urban Kings Gym

Urban Kings

Urban Kings is a MMA gym in London, located 5 minutes away from Kings Cross station.

They provide a full timetable of martial arts including Thai Boxing, Boxing, BJJ, and MMA.

What we like about Urban Kings

  • The best facilities in London
  • Wide variety of classes
  • City centre location

The facilities at Urban Kings are some of the nicest in London. Membership includes over 65 classes per week and use of the gym and sauna.

Urban Kings offer fundamental classes in Muay Thai, BJJ and Boxing for fighters with little experience.

Make sure to check out Urban Kings most recent timetable.

Website: https://urbankingsgym.com/

Location: 4 Bravingtons Walk, Kings Cross, N1 9GA

Email: info@urbankingsgym.com

5 Top Tips To Pick A MMA Gym In London

When choosing a MMA gym in London there are several things to consider. Below are my top 5 tips.


When it comes to choosing the perfect location for training MMA in London, there are some things you need to consider.

  • Distance from work/school/home
  • Journey time
  • Cost of journey
  • Traffic
  • Price of the gym in central locations

You should consider the factors above when looking at MMA gyms in London. You have to weigh up the quality of training against the time and cost it takes to get there.

MMA Experience

It would be beneficial for experienced MMA fighters to train at a gym that has a strong stable of fighters. Often experienced fighters will move to a gym that has competitive sparring partners and high-level training.

Beginners should look for a MMA gym that offers a beginners class and caters to both hobbyists and competitive fighters.

MMA Instructors

MMA gyms can specialise in different Martial Arts depending on the instructors.

For example, some gyms are known as BJJ specialists, whilst other gyms focus more on striking.

If you have a background in a martial art, you might find the transition to MMA easier at a gym that specializes in that discipline.

Gym Size

Larger gyms can have hundreds of students. That means training is not always as personal, and it can take months to build a bond with your instructor.

In smaller gyms, there is more of a personal approach to training. A smaller amount of students usually means more 1-on-1 time with your instructor.

Try Before You Commit!

Don’t sign up for a long term contract before trying the gym first.

Make sure that you try a few different intro classes before deciding. The most important thing is that you enjoy training at your gym.

There are dozens of MMA gyms in London, so pick carefully before you sign up.

5 Top Questions – Training MMA in London

Picking a MMA gym in London can be challenging. To he we have put together a list of common FAQ’s.

How Long Until I Have My First MMA Fight?

When to have your first MMA fight is a question that’s often asked in MMA locker rooms.

Several things decide when you should have your first fight.

These include:

  • Prior martial arts experience
  • Your technical ability
  • Your weight class
  • How often you can train
  • Your fitness level

A modern MMA gym is full of both hobbyists and competitive martial artists. If you are new to the gym, you should express your interest in competing to your trainer.

The key to becoming a successful MMA fighter is simple. Turn up, listen to your instructor and train hard.

Ultimately, your trainer is the person who will decide when you’re ready for your first MMA fight.

How Much Does it Cost To Train MMA in London?

The membership prices of MMA gyms in London vary drastically. A rough range for an unlimited months training is from £75 to £150 per month.

Most gyms offer membership packages to suit all budgets. Often there is an option to pay for a drop-in class or various different membership levels.

Prices will vary depending on the timetable, location and facilitates of the gym.

Where can I watch MMA fights in London?

MMA Gym in london

There are loads of MMA events in London each month.

Smaller shows featuring amateurs and semi-pro MMA fighters are a weekly occurrence in London.

Big events to keep an eye out for include Bellator, Cage Warriors and the UFC.

What Equipment Do I Need For MMA?

There are 3 places to pick up MMA equipment in London; your MMA gym, online or at a shop.

The most convenient option is to order your MMA equipment online. There are hundreds of online shops that stock a full range of MMA equipment. Online shops are often cheaper than instore.

You should always buy the best quality equipment in your budget.

Below are some of the most important items for MMA.

What Does A MMA Class in London Consist of?

Although the format of MMA classes varies depending on the gym, from our experience they usually follow a similar format.

Classes will start with a MMA specific warm-up. This is usually followed by technical work with a partner. Finally, there will be some sparring or rolling depending on your experience level.

mma gym in london ad

What MMA Gym In London Should You Pick?

The most important factor when choosing a MMA gym in London is that you enjoy the training environment. You should check out a few different gyms before committing.

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