5 MMA Books To Make You A Better Fighter

MMA Books are a great way to discover MMA history, learn new techniques, and follow the journey of your favourite fighters.

In this article on the Best MMA Books, I discuss my favourite books for martial artists to keep you entertained and your mind sharp when you are not it the gym!


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Mike Bisping – Quitters Never Win

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Bisping is the epitome of a fighter. Coming from humble beginnings, he spent years fighting for the respect and acknowledgement that he rightly deserved.

Quitters Never Win takes you a rollercoaster of Bisping’s life, from prison to eventually winning the UFC title.

Bisping holds nothing back in the descriptions of his fights. He is honest, analyzing his bouts in detail whilst discussing his performance and raw emotions. I felt like I was in the cage – opposite Vitor Belfort, Anderson Silva, Dan Henderson, and all the other legends he faced.

Bisping’s characteristic wit and banter flow off the page. His autobiography will leave you chuckling.

For me, this book cements his legacy as a British combat great on par with Anthony Joshua or Tyson Fury.

Jon Kavanagh – Win or Learn

Win or learn - best mma books

Jon Kavanagh is a pioneer in Irish MMA and notably the head coach of one of the most charismatic champions in the world Connor McGregor’s.

John Kavanagh is an inspiration, and his struggle to the top of the MMA world is an example of what motivation, resilience, and hard work can help a person to achieve.

He leads by example in Ireland guiding young men and women through life as well as martial arts.

If anything this book finishes too early, leaving me almost frustrated when it ended. After everything Kavanagh has achieved since “Win or learn”, I’m can’t wait to read his next book to in the future.

Sam Sheridan – The Fighters Mind

best mma books

No Best MMA Books list could be complete without Sam Sheridan. He has released two epic books, the fighters heart & the fighters mind. In my favourite, the Fighters Mind Sheridan looks to uncover the secrets of mental strength and toughness for combat sports.

In the Fighters Mind Sheridan explores mental strength concerning fighters. He does this by interviewing many greats in the fight game, from Freddie Roach to world champion boxers and elite-level martial artists. 

I would describe this book as genius, with Sheridan finding the perfect balance between sports psychology and entertainment.

I am yet to find a similar book that both educates and entertains martial artists the way Sheridan does in his books.

Christian Graugart – The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Globetrotter

best bjj books

In my view, The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Globetrotter is the most inspiring book on the list.

In this book, you follow Christian on his 140-day long around-the-world trip to train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Globetrotter is not only about travelling and training in martial arts; It’s about the positive things that happen if you follow your dreams, and live your life how you see fit.

After finishing his epic journey, Christian has gone on to do great things for the BJJ community. His association, the BJJ Globetrotters, offers an alternative to a traditional BJJ affiliation with its inclusive and non-political approach to martial arts.


Books help martial artists understand the complexity of MMA, and explore MMA from a different perspective. Next time you decide to pick up a book, check out one of the books in this list.

Leave a comment below and let me know what your favourite MMA book is.

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